the lexington...

  1. has come in what colors? i was just thinking of how beautiful it would be if it came in a light pink, like the rose pink that was out a while ago...anyone know of all the colors it has come in? i know some of the pieces aren't included when new vernis colors are introduced and others are. (ie: they don't make malibu street in pomme...if they did i would buy it...) so anyone know the lexington's lifeline of colors? :smile: i was going to get a pomme lexington but since my flat pouch just came, i may have gotten my pomme fix and now i'm thinking maybe i will get the lexington in another color that i could possibly purchase from a reseller.
  2. Bronze
    Pomme d'Amour

    Those are all the ones I can think of. Hope that helps.
  3. it did come in framboise?? i thought it only came in "raspberry" -- are they considered the same color or are they different??
  4. same
  5. My SA told me today that Rasberry colour will be limited edition and discontinue in a few customers like to collect this colour...coz it will be more special...

  6. You're too fast for me, Michelle!
  7. i could not have rattled off that long list you did above, though.:sweatdrop:
    i got the easy Q! :roflmfao:
  8. Lexington in framboise is on my to die for list... love the framboise in a hot little dash of color! tres beaucoup (don't know french and don't know what i'm saying...) lol...don't beat me up...heehee
  9. All the colors are limited-there are no permanent colors for Vernis.

  10. :lol:
  11. what does everyone think i should get?? i'm just wondering how often i would use the pomme one...or even the pink one, i'd probably use the pomme one more. i am eventually going to get a perle ludlow...should i just stick to pomme or find a different color?
  12. Really, you can't go wrong with either one... and the perle ludlow will be to die for in EITHER one or both! I just got the pomme lexington last week and adore it, but now can't quit thinking about the framboise... soooo, I say go for the framboise cause that's what I want, but then when you get it, you're gonna want the pomme. Really, they are both gorgeous and a beautiful addition to whatever you have... I LOVE both and LOVE the perle ludlow, that's a gorgeous combo!!! (all of the above)...

    don't think, just ride...:p
  13. guess i will have to check out my options when i'm there and search for older colors in the meantime...i'm gonna have to write down a list of things i want to ask and see while i'm there! jeeze...i have a problem. lol.
  14. Ditto.. Pomme was my first lexington and now I want a whole collection of Lexingtons!!!!! To put in my mini bins in my new California Closet!!!!
  15. Adding to the blue and grey. I believe it also came in rose? :shrugs: