The Lexington......should I take it or leave it??

  1. I'm on a real PINK kick lately - and was just wondering...would a Framboise Lexington fit the bill as an out-to-dinner or light trips/quick-errands bag used for carrying a:

    - Ludlow
    - 4-key holder
    - Phone (which is relatively compact)
    - Brush/comb
    - Pack of gum
    and maybe an iPod nano?

    Thoughts/opinions/advice/comments/images would all be greatly appreciated from those who have it, like it, love it or hate it!

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Hmmm....I don't know...lex has been on my mind too. Would love to hear from people who have one.
  3. They're adorable but fit next to nothing. I have the Fuchsia one and rarely use it because it fits less than a pochette does and it's more structured so you can't stuff it with very much.
  4. Have you thought about the reade pm? It holds more!
  5. I have a beige lexington and I only use it for an evening out when I only carry cc, phone, compact, pen, and gum.
  6. [​IMG]

    there was a comb in there, but i forgot to put it in. a pack of gum would make it bulge, so i just put in halls drops.
  7. ^ Wow it fits alot more than I thought it would:smile:!
  8. bvbirdygirl thank you SO much!! :biggrin: I really, really want a Lexington!!
  9. ^get it! its so worth it!
    (not to mention, it looks fabulous!)
  10. I think my silver lexington is smaller, I can never fit that much in mine :roflmfao: maybe I just need to strategically place better.

    I NEVER use mine. I've only used it once because it's so darn small.
  11. ^^ Haha same here! I can't even fit a mono billfold in there so I just use my Ludlow, then put in a couple of lip glosses, a pen and my 4 key holder in it. I keep my phone in my pocket so at least I don't have to worry about keeping that in there. Everything has to be so strategically placed, even if my pen or one of my lip glosses goes to the bottom, it makes everything else go out of whack and it won't zip right.
  12. I have a beige and a pomme, and I usually only carry my phone, cles and gum. But then again- that is really all carry
  13. i love the lex but i just felt it was not as "flexible" as the other pochettes. it's pretty, though.
    bvbirdygirl- your pochette is a beauty!
  14. I like the reade better.
  15. I have the lexington and it can fit more than you think especially. The ludlow is small enough but with a cles instead you have even more space. I think you'll be able to fit all the things you want into it, but not a brush. A small flat comb would fit though.

    edit: looks really elegant and less awkward than the reade - perfect for dinner! You can get the extender to prettify it even more :smile: