The Lexington pochette they're pretty but are they useful??

  1. I've always kinda wanted one of these but everytime I have it in my hands it just seems horribly small. I love pochettes but I also like to fit as much as I can in them, and it just seems like there is soooo little room in the lexington. Anyone have one, get a lot of use out of it?
  2. Lol..I think I answered this before, but I don't really get all that much use out of it. I use my pochettes more because I can't really even fit a wallet in the Lexington. I got my fuchsia one for graduation a couple years ago and while I LOVE it, it's smaller than a regular pochette, which is plenty small on it's own.
  3. yeah, I know you did, thank you, I was just thinking about it again and wanted to see if anyone else had some good points on it...though I doubt it.....
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a mini pleaty for another small shoulder bag but I wanted to visit this one last time....
  5. Lol. I'd honestly go with the mini pleaty...that's my next one also. At least it has a bit of room enough for a wallet. In the Lexington, even with the Ludlow wallet, I can barely also fit my cell, pen and a lip gloss in I usually forgo the wallet.
  6. I would get the mini pleaty as'd be surprised how much you can fit in it!
  7. you'd do better with the Denim Mini Pleaty. i wanted a Lexington before too, but i figured it's not really a practical bag, because it's so small, although it would be great as an evening bag.
  8. I'd go for the demin mini pleaty...more room...and the lexington is really tiny...unless you use it for a evening bag =)
  9. Wow, everyone else seems to be impressed with the denim line except me. I think LV is asking way too much for that flimsy feeling, so called denim. No offense to those of you who love it.

    I like the Lexington but then again I really, really like vernis. Yes the Lexington is smaller than a Pochette Accessories but it is an ideal bag for quick jaunts and for an evening bag. It's not a bag for when you have to carry the kitchen sink. It is a bag for the aforementioned. I just put my Broome (wallet) and my Treo in it and I still have room for keys, if they are on a ring or a LV extender and a lipstick/lip balm. I like having the Lexington in red and plan to add at least two more to my collection. My fuchsia one will be shipping shortly. I'd like to stumble across a minty bronze one.
  10. I love the pouchettes for make up cases in my bigger bags....or to carry just my id, cc, $ and a few neccessary items so I can grab it from my big bag for quick errands.
  11. i like the pochette.
  12. I use it as an evening bag. You are right, not much fits in there.
  13. I don't disagree with you on the denim line, I just happen to really like the green and I think I'm willing to do the price of the mini pleaty, nothing more than that as I do think the larger bags are a little too much $$$ for what you get....I did try one on last week and wasn't totally impressed though so I need to think about this a little more.....I'm going to play around with the Lexington again too...not even sure what kinda color I would do out of the current options....we will see, thanks for your input that's what I was looking for....
  14. I think you wouldn't get much use out of the lexington. It is too much $ for just admiring.
  15. thanks, I think I agree....even in the couple times a year that I may need a more dressy evening bag than what I already have I guess it wouldn't get much use, and I do like to use my black MC pochette anyway....I know the mini pleaty and the reade pm will get a lot more use so I should stick to those...thanks for your input.....