The lessor of the flaws?

  1. Because of that fact there not many stores in my area that sell b-bags, I often have them sent from Neiman Marcus. If they have more than one of the style and color, I often have them send two so that I can choose the leather that I prefer. I often find myself choosing between the lessor of the flaws. For example, I just got two firsts and on one of them, there is a small nick on the patch where the front zipper is. The other one has some scratches on the front leather. These would probably come off if I treated it with something but I am not comfortable treating the bags. Both of them have areas on the straps that almost look like touchup paint has been applied. This is not the first time I have been in this situation. The last time I had 4 bags sent to me and ALL of them had some kind of flaw. Am I being too picky? ( I frequently choose bright colors so I think things show up more on those than on darker bags). What are your thoughts? Do scratches, nicks, touchup paint, loose threads, etc, bother you? Or mismatched handles?
  2. All those things (nicks, scratches, touchup paint, loose threads, mismatched handles) would bother me. I prefer darker bags and the only flaw I have noticed is variations in the sheen from one part of the bag to the other which I expect will homogonize over time. Maybe that's one of the benefits of being a darker bag person. Its hard to justify the things you mentioned when we are paying $1K plus for a bag.
  3. You are NOT being too picky. I feel the same way. These bags are too expensive to come with flaws. Getting some nicks and scratches is unavoidable, but it will come with time and use. A brand new full-price bag shouldn't start out that way. I can understand why it bothers you.
  4. Mismatched handles? :nuts: touch-up paint? NO!.. small nailscratches that 'heal' with a rub of conditioner are one thing..bigger flaws are too much for a bag you are spending a major amount are RIGHT Allison,and not picky at all.
  5. No I don't think you are being too picky. Let's be real - these are $1000+ bags and they should arrive perfect, so that you can choose which leather you prefer, not which one has less scratches or touchups.

    I really hope there isn't a big problem with QC at Balenciaga. Variation in leather is fine - that's one of the things that makes these bags so cool. But other stuff - nope they should not have sent those bags out.
  6. Nope, not being too picky at all.

    Loose threads are a big turn-off... it would be constantly bothering me and I would think that it was going to come loose and fall apart lol...
  7. Because they're BRAND NEW FROM A STORE, I don't think you should EVER have to worry about major flaws, especially MISMATCHED HANDLES?! OR TOUCHUP PAINT?! Thats crazy--and unacceptable. you're spending 1K+ on a handbag, it better be in pristine condition coming out of that store!
  8. I really think that is the advantage to buying from BalNY. It sounds like the bags are very protected there, so less likely to arrive with scratches, etc.
    BTW, I purchased the RH Bubblegum City from NM, and noticed that it had a couple of 'fingernail' marks on it. At first it really bothered me, but then I realized that it was just a function of the lighter colors, and would happen soon anyway. As soon as I got over that, I began a love affair with my BG bag!:love: