The lesson I learned!

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  1. I would like to share a lesson I learned by buying something direct from a seller without going through the transaction in ebay.

    A week ago, I saw a nice Balenciaga ice blue bag listed on ebay. In seller's orginal list, seller has clearly indicated that the Balenciaga bag is in excellent condition with no wear, tear. Since the seller doesn't have lots of feedback (only 3, all from seller, not buyer). I communicated with the seller via email, and had received some more pictures from the seller. Everything looks good, so I asked the Seller if she would have a BIN price. Since she is a new seller, so she told me she couldn't add BIN, but willing to sell it to me at the price I am willing to pay, and she would send me an invoice from paypal directly. I hesitated a little bit, but since she kept telling me she is not a scammer, and she is a trusted person, and also worked with me on the price, I believed her.

    Anyway, I paid through paypal, and she sent out with FedExpress with tracking number, I got the bag in 2 days. When I opened the box, the bag looks ok outside, but no mirror with one broken tassel which I can accept. When I looked inside, I was horrified that there is a big huge tearing hole inside black linen which is kind of unfixable unless I changed the linen. I exam more on the bag, and suddenly realize the bag she sent me is not the bag on the pictures. Although the bag is authentic with the correct color, but the rivet on the picture has a notch on either side, the rivet for the bag I received is a simple circle, without a notch!

    I immediately filed a dispute on paypal, but the seller said I did not request additional pictures of the interior of the bag, and will not issue a refund. I escalate my claim, but was closed and denied by paypal because they said my paypal transaction didn’t link to ebay transaction, so the dispute claim only applies to the shipment of goods, not to disputes about the attributes or quality of the goods received. They will only investigate if there was indeed an ebay bidding transaction.

    Although I also filed a dispute to my credit card, but I don’t really put much hope on getting my money back. I just want to share my experience, and warn everyone if you are going to purchase anything directly from a seller not going through ebay, be very careful! For me, not only paypal won’t take this claim, nor can I leave any negative feedback to that seller b/c the transaction wasn’t going through from ebay! I learned my lesson, and I hope everyone here won’t run into this situation.

  2. I am so sorry you had to go thru that, I bet you do get it resolved thru your CC company though. I said this is an earlier post, there are sooo many sellers who accept offers made by PFers and then they end the auction to take care of it off ebay. The only reasoning I see for that is to avoid final value fees. While I'm sure most end up happy for both parties, I would never end and auction to sell off ebay because I am no longer protected by ebay and my PayPal protection is almost nothing because of it also. All to save $40 or so bucks. To me its just not worth it. I would rather pay ebay their fvf and be protected. If a potential buyer makes me an offer I change the price to a BIN (if there are no bidders) and if there are bidders that person will bid until the price is what we agreed upon. I wont do transactions off ebay.

    Good Luck to you!:heart:
  3. Oh I am so sorry that happened to you! I really hope you get your money back.
  4. Thanks for sharing this!
  5. Well, I said that already, but I repeat again. NEVER EVER BUY OUTSIDE EBAY. Don't trust sellers who offers you to buy that way. Honest sellers wouldn't offer those tricks if they have nothing to hide, clear and simple.

  6. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:

    The more someone is willing to lower the price (below a reasonable level), the more I think they may be a scammer and/or the item may not be all it seems.

    If I wouldn't give my belongings away for next to nothing, why would they? :shrugs:
  7. I totally agree! Don't get sucked into some story and later find out you have been scammed.

    On the brighter were smart to pay by credit card. A few times I've been sent items that were "not as described", really smelly, stained, counterfeit, etc., and have told the seller and my credit card compay that I would return the items and wanted a refund. Even when I had a seller give me a hard time at one point, I just let my cc company handle the matter and
    always got my refund. Be sure to take photos, print out the photos the seller emailed you and, if you return the item, be sure you have a tracking number and a signature requirement so the seller can't claim she never received it. Yep, it's a hassle but I'm sure your cc card company will remove the charge.
  8. sorry to hear this baiyishang... a dispute w/ your CC would most likely go through... GOOD LUCK :biggrin:
  9. i am sorry this happened to you! i hope your cc company will allow the chargeback so you can get your money back.
  10. Yes, I agree that reversing charge is hopeful. Good luck to you.

    I am suggesting an alternative for the case of sellers not being able to add a BIN. The selle can end the current listing, and recreate a new listing with the same description but no thrills (only the no-fee photo). The extra cost is only a few dollars, and definitely worth it.
  11. I agree - be very, very careful. I do have one seller that I've been buying from for many years- that sometimes I will e-mail her to see if she can get a specific bag for me and sometimes it takes months (she has a consignment store) and she will e-mail me and we handle it outside of E-bay, but I've purchased at least six bags from her and have come to know her pretty well. Other than that, I never ever ever purchase outside of E-bay, no matter how good the deal is.
  12. Wow so sorry this happened to you, I guess now you'll have to change the lining?? Hope it hasn't soured you to the bag itself...
  13. We all make mistakes..(Fool me once shame on you ...Fool me twice shame on me)..I hope you can get a chargeback with your CC..You won't know unless you ask
  14. So sorry to hear that!!
  15. Thanks everyone for your warm support. I learned my lesson, just don't want to spend the time to deal with this seller anymore. I am just going to take a lose and move on with it. There are still lots of honest and good sellers on ebay.

    Good luck to everyone, and happy new year!