The lengths you'd go to baby your gal...

Mar 22, 2010
Soonerland, OK
Well, I cut off all my nails to make sure I don't scratch my sweet Hailey!!! I'm not really big on doing my nails, but they were really nice. I have read some of you say that your Madison line purses can scratch. I've noticed VERY light ones that don't really bother me. There have been times that I've carried her and I can feel my nails scratch against her. I quickly examine her, and she's just fine. Just don't want to do something really bad by accident, so out came the clippers today!!! Have any of you gone above and beyond to baby your purses? OMG, I actually bought a canvas basket to go in my van to set her in for the ride!! Am I just out of my mind or what!?


Dec 25, 2008
I keep my nails short too because I've scratched my legacy before. Apple condition managed to take some of it out. But Istill want to be careful with my bags.
Nov 16, 2007
Giant Sequoia Redwoods, Calif.
I wear my watch or bracelet on my right wrist instead on my left. I've always been one ot wear them on the left wrist and they still feel awkward on the right. I wear my bags on my left shoulder and it only took once scratching my bag and I converted to the right side.


"We're all born naked and the rest is drag" RUPAUL
Apr 27, 2009
An ever changing life with Steady Love...
Yes, I am also a nut...

My babies have there own seat in the car, place in my house, and their own drawer at work when I go out to eat I place them in there own seat also if there is no space they go on my lap..

I am super care of how and where I walk so I will not bump into anyone or thing with them.. and yes my nails are kept very well groomed due to purse snaging or scracting,,,


Sad and Angry
Dec 7, 2009
No, nothing special. It's just another purse. I treat it the same as I treat my $4.99 thrift store bags - but than I treat them all well.


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I work in a factory that's pretty dirty. On the OFF chance I don't have time to switch out of my "weekend" bag in to my "work bag" I use a large plastic bag we cover the seats we build with and BAG MY BAG!!!


Feb 9, 2006
~New Hampshire~
Well since buying my Patent bag, I don't worry about anything...I do put my bag in the front seat or in between the front seats on a towel...At home i put my bag on a towel on my vanity or next to my bed.I think it's great that you are concerned with how you treat your Coach bags, they are an Investment....:nuts:


Apr 8, 2007
Biggest Little City
I have a box that sits on the floor of my car with a bath towel in it. This is where my babies sit. If the bags have vachetta trim, then I also wrap them under the towel (to prevent too much exposure to the sun).

At work they have their own shelf (padded with yet another towel) under my desk to sit on. It's one of those wire mesh kitchen cabinet shelves...I don't want to risk scratching the leather pulling the bags in/out of desk drawers.

I also only use neutral colored towels (light cream, taupe) to ensure there's no color transfer on any of my bags.



May 2, 2006
No, nothing special. It's just another purse. I treat it the same as I treat my $4.99 thrift store bags - but than I treat them all well.
Haha, same. I don't go above and beyond to baby them, but I most certainly do NOT trash my bags either.


Mar 26, 2010
Oh, I am a bad Coach owner...My leather Carly gets treated the worst, she sits wherever she gets dropped, including the ground at Home Depot last week when we were buying plants. She does not sit on the ground at restaurants, movie theaters, or public bathrooms though. Aside from an ink pen mark by the zipper she is still a beautiful bag and is my day to day, gets the most abuse bag. Ironically she is also my most precious bag and I should be more careful with her.

I am however very, very careful with my Poppy Floral Graffiti tote, she sits on a towel in the car and I am super paranoid about getting her bright white satin dirty. Will take her shopping and to church, no movies or restaurants for her. Mom and I trade out holding bags (she has the Butterfly Glam tote) for each other for pit stops or trying on clothes.

Aside from the two Poppy totes I guess I treat them like they were purchased to function as my personal bag to lug around all of my stuff and while I love each and every one of them, they aren't an investment to me. My daughter who is 19 calls dibs on a few of them and a couple have already hopped from my closet to hers, but for us they are to be used and loved and replaced when needed.