The Legend of the LEGO, and a #FFFF FUN FILLED FALL FEAST

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  1. Spectacular clutch! You picked the best one!
  2. OMG!!!! What a beauty! Oh so so sparkly! Just perfect for the Holidays! Congrats Pursebop :smile:
  3. I love it! Congrats PurseBop! Beautiful choice :smile:
  4. #64 Nov 11, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2013
    OK, my dear friend, master of the reveals at tPF! :coolpics: Apart of the fact that this is one of your best reveals EVER, this little "second generation" Lego piece is so magnificent it really takes my breath away! :ps::party:

    I am so trilled for you to have your HG and know you will rock her as no one else! Enjoy sweetheart and whishing you many more fabulous finds and lucky reveals!!!!:hugs:
  5. ...+ love the term "Cinderlego"!:winkiss:
  6. Simply stunning!! Many congrats on your latest HG!!
  7. A VERY stunning piece! Just love your photo shoots! :smile:
  8. OMG!!! What a stunning piece again!!! Love the name Cinderlego!!! You are so creative in your reveals! She is indeed soooooooo stunning and eye catching. She and your Sparkling Beauty must party together!!! They must be best friends! I love them both so very much!! Do you have any upcoming fancy occasions to debut your Cinderlego?!! Congrats on this stunning beauty.
  9. Oh PB, your reveals are always so exciting and beautifully captured.

    This one is oh so special and I agree is the Cinderella of Lego.

    You have one of the most awesome collection ever... Enjoy it to the fullest!!
  10. My fellow Chanel aficionados, PurseBop has soooo many more pics of CinderLego that if I began posting now...we'd all see the sunrise together, LOL

    I want to continue my story and thread just as I have planned so I hope you will all bear with me over the next couple of days so I can respond back to each of your very sweet generous compliments...lets have lots more CinderLego fun:woot::happydance::woohoo:

    Those of you that BOP along with me have seen a sampling of my picture book...

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  11. I'm back! Good thing I decided to come see if you'd updated the thread with photos, because that is a STUNNING Lego bag! Funny enough, I just saw a woman carrying the plain green Lego bag on the street today. To be honest I was less than impressed. But this, wow! Do you plan on taking her out any time soon? 😊
  12. :heart: a close up of my cinderlego...

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  13. Congratulations!!!!:dothewave::dothewave: What a sparkling beauty!:sunshine:
  14. What a gorgeous gorgeous piece!:heart:
  15. LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
    Pursebop, this is one of the prettiest Chanel bags I've ever seen... Soooo sparkly and beautiful :love: I'm sure you will enjoy this bag for years!!! Thanks again for this fun and sparkly reveal and the pics, great as always!!!