The Legend of the LEGO, and a #FFFF FUN FILLED FALL FEAST

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  1. Hello Pursebop!
    I am so thrilled for you that you have your HG in your hands. I know that you labored over the decision and your choices. I can not wait to see which one you have chosen and I hope you enjoy every minute you wear it. :yahoo::yahoo:
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    The 2013 fall runway presented itself with a new round of Legos, more detailed and exquisite than the first.

    It was a delight to preview these jeweled boxed beauties in person at the Chicago Fall-Winter 2013/14 private event. To my fellow Chicago CC girls --we had a really great time! And you all know these were the pieces I could not get my eyes off off...
    I am convinced there was a magnetic force pulling me back...LOL

    This is where PurseBop fell completely head over heels in LOVE! :heart::heart::heart:

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  3. Oh I'm so excited for you Pursebop!!! I've been in love with these ever since they came out and I love them all! I shall enjoy this epic reveal to the max and I can't wait to see what you got! I already love all the pics you have so far!!!
  4. :party: Since then, I have had lively debates with many fashionistas who argue a Birkin, a piece of VCA, or even another Rolex would be a better investment… if only the right side of our brain always governed our choices!!

    I needed a moment of SOLITUDE on a nearby bench to savor that moment when I would first lay eyes on her...

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  5. We r getting closer to the reveal yahoo::yahoo::woot::woot:
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    I even started a debate on my Instagram @PurseBop to work through the fall options and get my followers feedback on went something like this:

    @PurseBop CONTENDER NO.1

    “Will she visit me in my dreams again tonight…?”

    #currentlyobsessed #mydreambag #mywishlist #baglover #PursebopChanelCollection

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    @PurseBop CONTENDER NO. 2

    "It’s the “Game of Thrones’…the war of the clutches has begun. which LEGO will conquer…"

    #obsessed #legoeyecandy #iwantinmycloset #musthave #mywishlist #PurseBopChanelCollection

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  8. Omg, spectacular. That would have been my guess. Congrats and enjoy

  9. You tricked us!
  10. @PurseBop CONTENDER NO. 3

    “OR is tweed and LEGO my thing…?”

    #confusion #obsessedwithlegos #mywishlist #pursecandy #chanelbagaddict #PurseBopChanelCollection

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    :whiteflag: and without further adieu,

    :cutesy:Introducing my Cinderella of all Lego' Miss CinderLego

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  12. Ohhhhh, she is GORGEOUS!!! Sparkling and shining and definitely will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight! Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  13. In the shimmering moonlit pumpkin patch we find miss ‘Cinderlego’…

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  14. YES!! I knew it!!! This is the one u finally pick! :yahoo::tup::tup: I love it! Congrats to u!
  15. It's sooo fabulous ,love it,congrats !:loveeyes::loveeyes: