The Legend of the LEGO, and a #FFFF FUN FILLED FALL FEAST

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  1. :hbeat:This reveal perhaps more than any other carries a special ‘weight’ in my heart. We often juggle our fantasy purchase with practicality…

    :sweatdrop:Rarely does a fantasy purchase like this come without the ‘burden of guilt’. We ask ourselves, is this practical, is this necessary or is this even justified? Quite honestly, the answer is often, no…

    And to pretend that I didn’t spend months negotiating these very queries would be false and misguided:graucho: :wacko:

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  2. Omg I'm dying to see!! Did u get the crystal version:yahoo::roflmfao::woot:
  3. here:smile:
  4. Can't wait for the reveal!! It must be something Sooooo exciting! Did u get the pearl one?!!!
  5. :happydance::woot::nuts:But somewhere deep inside I also knew that the absence of this legendary symbol of Chanel would leave me longing, yearning and most likely full of regret.

    So months ago, as fall previews became rampant I secretly made my wish list.

    The first iteration was mighty long and this piece somehow always topped that list... so the negotiations of ‘cross offs’ began. It took many vertical slashes across designer words that truly speak to me, but I was determined to pare down my list to accommodate my newest Holy Grail treasure.

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  6. :yahoo: coming coming coming ;)

    Just hang on a little longer SiliValley... many more pics to come :happydance:

    thank you iceshimmer27, you know me ...its all about the entire EXPERIENCE :P thank you for your patience and sharing my #FFFF with me :hugs:

    :woot: hello dear macaroonchica93, thanks for tuning in...
  7. hello miss vdcc pinky ...very excited to share :yahoo:, but we both that you have the inside scoop always my girlfriend :hugs:
  8. :love:miss you zaraha, and yes I had do a 'full on DOCUMENTARY', just to test your patience;) LOL

    How are you...and your new Mulberry collections coming along?
  9. :hugs:aaahhh, I'm honored to have you let me share my newest treasure here with all of you nad11...stay tuned my friend
  10. LOL, fair enough anasa :biggrin:
  11. :PMaryJoe84 you are one of my favorite IG followers and I am delighted to finally open that Neiman Marcus box just for you...

    My Instagram account @PurseBop has been getting the 'sneak peak pictures' and its been barrels of fun with everyone...:happydance::happydance::happydance: thank you for your festive cheer
  12. smile4me6 how are you...I cant wait to share, just a little longer while I tell my story, LOL :biggrin:
    my fellow IG mate, very soon I promise...we've had so much fun over @PurseBop with these reveal pics ;)

    ;) thank you for sharing in my reveal fun...

    I cant give it away quite yet ;)! How are you queenbee11, I hope I have not missed any of your reveals here at TPF, do share your latest indulgences...
  13. Ahhh Pursebop, I can't wait to see which one you got!! How exciting!:yahoo:
  14. It was becoming more evident that this was my ULTIMATE CHANEL must have for the fall/winter season…

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  15. I'm excited to see it. But I'm even more impressed and stupefied that you got hubby to participate!