The Legend of the LEGO, and a #FFFF FUN FILLED FALL FEAST

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  1. #1 Nov 9, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
    :choochoo:I must confess my attendance here at TPF is long overdue...although my CHANEL pursuits have been many, my focus and attention has been captivated by one single iconic piece that has stolen my heart :heart:

    I have so much to share and myriads of pictures so bear with me as I work through my epic long LEGEND

    Notice: THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE A QUICK REVEAL, please be patient as we walk the 'brick' road together, LOL
  2. :welcome2:EYECANDY: I have tried to 'construct' the perfect 'plan' to share all my excitement and information...
    Folks be prepared for a picture invasive thread!
  3. Eek! Where are the pictures? I want to see which color you got!
  4. GREEN CHANEL LEGO is the most circulated image on social media mediums. Therefore its only appropriate to begin my Lego documentary with this, LOL…

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  5. Love the green! Cannot wait to see your pics!
  6. Very nice! Can't wait to see your pics Pursebop
  7. Ok folks, it’s time to begin my #FFFF! It’s going to be a FUN FILLED FALL FEAST. An autumn extravaganza bursting with color and fall flair! The back drop for the #FFFF reveal is the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois where yes, DH and I carried this beautiful silver ribboned Neiman Marcus box through this special handmade glass pumpkin patch...we were quite a sight to see...

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  8. :couch::popcorn:
  9. The Morton Arboretum is a treasured, magical place for tree and nature lovers and it’s my favorite walking/biking grounds this time of year. I can even convince my DH (dear hubby) to spend a romantic outdoor Sunday frolicking through the autumn colored sets...AND we did just that although his favorite part is still the train ride just after the sampling of wines near the station, LOL! :hugs:We walked, and talked and SHOT pics everywhere we could....

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  10. Oooooh another exciting reveal from pursebop :yahoo::woot:
  11. PB another documentary..... I don't have the patient .... Ha ha
  12. a live one!!! im so honoured to be part of this! always loved your creative and fun reveals! :worthy:
  13. Ooh another reveal! 😊 I have zero patience though so I'll just check back in a day or two to see if you've posted pics. :smile:
  14. Yeah :smile::woohoo::yahoo:
  15. Can't wait to see!!!