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  1. Welcome to the Hall of Saumur!

    I was given a vintage version of Saumur 30 a few weeks ago, but thought it was bit too small for me, so I sold it. Now I can't get enough of it. I'm gonna get size 35 soon and want to see all your Saumurs from all different sizes :flowers: Modelling pics are prefer !!

    This bag is one of my favourite bags in Mono line. It is so practical, classic and very stylish. :love: Can't wait to see posts in this clubhouse :yahoo:
  2. here is mine.....

    i bought it '06 Christmas VIC party thingie at the boutique after having soooooooo many glasses of champange.....!:drinkup: first pic is from then....excuse our daughter's mess!!!! she looks so little there............:girlsigh:

    i hardly ever use it so it's still in great condition and sleeping in my closet...! :upsidedown: lol

    i get so many compliments on it when i wear it though!:yes:
    DSC05640 (2).JPG DSC00107.JPG DSC00119.JPG
  3. Oh I love :love: ... your daugther is so adorable too. This is size 30, right?

    Thanks for sharing :girlsigh:
  4. I looove this bag! I want to get one off ebay!
  5. ^^ Me too! I just realized that LV.com and eLux no longer carrying the size 35 *bummer!* ... I will have to hunt down one on eBay as well. LOL, c'mon Kimalee, lets go for it together just like when we did with the Noe's... hehehehee
  6. Hmm... only 1 tpf member with Saumur? I guess this bag is not as popular as I thought.
  7. I've got one! Bought it from Anne's Fabulous Finds a couple of months ago. I don't know what size it is and I don't have any pics. It's a really useful bag - I love how it feels crossbody.
  8. ^^ please post some pics!!
  9. anyone else have this super cool bag? I'm on the hunt again, tehehehe....
  10. I wanna see more pics, too! LV messenger bags are really popular in Japan, and I liked this one the best! If I ever go back to Japan, I think I might buy one!
  11. I was at a concert this past Saturday and I saw a girl with a Saumur, probably the 30, and it was GORGEOUS! It was definitely not new, because it had a greaaattt patina and it was just so gorgeous and easy looking! I love the way these bags look as they get older. I've been looking on ebay a lot lately for one and there are some really gorgeous ones available!!!
  12. finally a member! here's my 30!

    IMG_7803.JPG IMG_7804.JPG
  13. ^ wow, gorgeous-even-golden patina on this baby! :nuts: :tup:

    Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  14. Hi Cheweyvy! [​IMG] I have a Saumur 30 & 35, my 35 was bought in 2001, used once and put away as part of my "discontinued" collection. I also heard that Saumur is very popular in Taiwan and Japan too. I will post my picture soon.

    And yay, I am a member here now! :yahoo:
  15. HI veez! *wave back* :biggrin:

    I love Saumur 35! I don't know why they discontinued this size. It is perfect! I find 30 a bit smaller for my need.

    Can't wait to see your pics! Any chance of modeling pics as well? :P