The Legacy Zipped Satchel Looks Different

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  1. The satchel looks soooo different on the Coach site than in Baglady39's pics. Both are really pretty, but I was just amazed at the difference.

  2. Really?? :confused1: You mean colorwise?? Mine looks pretty close here, at least on my monitors.
  3. Oh, you know what it is?? I think they don't show the contrast stitching in the stock photos. I totally didn't notice that at first!

    Those stock photos are always done in photoshop (or some other imaging program) from a prototype usually. The Bridgit is actually way off...doesn't show the garcia leather, and there are actually studs on the sides of the front zippered pocket.
  4. There is that, but I also meant more of the shape of the bag. The color looks the same, but the shape makes it look really different.
  5. It might be the angle at which my photos were taken... I think mine all sort of focus down on the bag rather than a direct head on. Of course I'm staring at the real bag here, but the shape looks right to me if I look at the stock photo on my non widescreen monitor. Of course I could be missing something, though!

    I really think Coach should do a better job with their stock photos. They are very frequently very misleading!