The Legacy Whiskey Color

  1. I was on the bus today and I was carrying my Whiskey Ali. I noticed a girl on the bus with a Legacy Shoulder bag. At first I had NO idea what color it was. I thought it was a new shade I'd never seen! It was a nice even color and I asked her and she said it was Whiskey! I've seen whiskey bags around but none of them were ever this dark! She obviously had it for awhile and carried it all the time because it had darkened a LOT and it was an even color all over. I have to admit it was GORGEOUS. It was almost a dark purpley brown. I just had to share because I didn't know the leather eventually gets THAT dark! It's kind of fun, you start off with one color and end up with another!
    Ok, I'm done, no more caffeine for me! :yahoo:
  2. I wonder if she was moisturizing it? Like big time?
  3. I didn't realize it could change that much, but I guess time will tell.
  4. Isn't there a dark brown leather Legacy too?
  5. I've had mine since last fall and it has darkened a bit but not much. I haven't used anything on it, though....I just love the reminds me of italian leather for some reason--the orange undertones...

    Love it!
  6. Both myself and my friend have a Whiskey shoulderbag and I have had mine longer and use it more often. Mine is much darker than hers is. I simply LOVE how it ages!
  7. Hmmm, I am going to keep an eye on my whiskey Ali and see what she does too!
  8. Yeah I thought it was the brown color at first but it was more of a reddish almost purpley dark brownish color. It gets a LOT darker. Especially comparing it to my Ali that I just got. It's used but still pretty close to the new Whiskey color.
  9. It may darken but I also know that at the boutiques I have seen some brand new whiskey that almost looked brown and such.. the color can vary soo much.. even the SA had to look at the tag twice..... the two whiskeys sitting together didn't look like the same color
  10. Wow, interesting. I never knew that the leather could get drastically darker. :confused1: I guess you learn something new everyday!
  11. thanks for the information !