The Legacy Stripe Wristlet is gone? =(

  1. Mannn, I have been wanting the striped Legacy Wristlet for a few weeks now and have been saving up for it. I go to every day just about and it was always there and I finally have the money as of today and it's gone from the site! =( And they over price for it on eBay too. I'm so bummed!
  2. Call some of the Coach stores, Candy. I am sure they will ship to you and maybe they can tell you which store has it if they dont. Good luck finding it!
  3. Oh I am sorry! Call some of the stores! I heard that the Hawaii boutique still has some legacy things.
  4. i noticed that it was missing this morning!! ekk hope you find one!
  5. You should call quick!
  6. I'm sorry....maybe if you act now you will have success.
  7. I think they are completely gone. I ordered two at the end of last week and I got a phone call the next day that they can only ship one and I was getting the last one from the distribution center that supplies my local boutique. I was able to order two of the striped legacy wristlet that is framed and has the flap.
  8. Maybe try calling Coach svc to see if you can order one from the warehouse, if they have a couple stragglers left?
  9. I'll give them a call after work. Thanks girls. :crybaby:
  10. Oh no! I just saw it early (like 7am) this morning too - hope you find one through Jax!
  11. The Legacy Striped wristlet is back on the website today.
  12. Yay! That was fast! I guess all I have to do is whine about something and it's fixed! BWAHAHAHAHA!:graucho: