Club ~~~The Legacy 2012 Collection Clubhouse~~~

  1. your gunna love it!!!

    wow that didnt look like carnelian,, i was thinking it was the black cherry,,, dyin to see that color
  2. Luv the CB Rory and very tempted. Was yours stuffed in the pic? Does it completely puddle when empty?
  3. Legacy gets me every time bought the Candace tote, small shoulder & accessories- will try to post a pic tomorrow- fun collection!
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    Love this neutral color combo- I did not see this in the store- what is the name:graucho:I am looking online for the colorblock in the neutral tones/rory & they only show the ocelot-does anyone know if they are in the stores yet?
  5. They're not, they're supposed to be out in like a month or so, but you can order them already
  6. Wow, that black / neutral colorblock is gorgeous!
  7. LOvely bag!
  8. Tanner Tote in Cognac (day bag for snacks, iPad, change of shoes, whatever)
    Penny Purse in Cognac (for errands or out to lunch, holds keys, phone, credit cards, sunglasses)
    Leticia Heels in Biscuit (a.k.a. "nude", because they're AWESOME)

  9. Very nice! Cognac is such a rich color! Enjoy!!!
  10. Love your new things!
  11. Love!! Twins on the tanner. :biggrin:
  12. Bump!!!!!!! this club needs to stay on the first page!!!!

    Heres Emerald green lrg duffle and carnellian lrg duffle,,,

  13. My Sunflower Candace at work :yahoo:

    Finally found the perfect yellow bag that fits my 12'' laptop easily and looks super chic!
    photo 1.JPG
  14. Love, they look great on you! I cannot wait until they ship my black cherry one !!
  15. Love....beautiful colors!