~~~The Legacy 2012 Collection Clubhouse~~~

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  1. HELLOOOO! I am typically not a purple kind of gal- but THIS is gorgeous, so much that i must have..... congrats

  2. i need my tank
  3. What a gorgeous colour. This bag is going on my wish-list!
  4. Here are my 3 duffles for a family shot. Fuchsia, tourmaline & violet. All are the "regular" size 19889. The group shot shows the tourmaline color best. Violet and fuchsia have the beige interior, tourmaline has grey. Love these bags. Hoping for some ultraviolet accessories. :smile:

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  5. LoL...breathe!!!
  6. Beautiful x 3!
  7. Whoa! That's nice!
  8. the more I see these duffle bags, the more they are growing on me. I love the family portrait :tup:
  9. OMG!!!!:faint: Those are the exact 3 colors that I want!!!!!!
  10. That tourmaline is beautiful! Especially in your photographs. And I love the slight texture on your violet one. Stunning!!:biggrin:
  11. you are too kind! I know someone else got the tourmaline and was not pleased with the color, but I just love how vibrant it is! Still on the fence on the pebbled one tho... :smile:
  12. I LOVE the pic of the 3 together, such beautiful colors! I'm definitely getting the violet now. Enjoy :smile:
  13. All 3 colors are gorgeous! I think I have to get a Violet something, but I already have the UV Duffle, so I may get the Violet in something small like the Penny Shoulder Bag.
  14. The ultraviolet is pebbled leather?
  15. Oh my gosh - can you swap the straps and tassels around? I love love love the color palette.