Club ~~~The Legacy 2012 Collection Clubhouse~~~

  1. That looks awesome on you!
  2. My regular duffle in cobalt ... now wearing a sunflower tassle, I'll have to take another shot!

  3. This bag looks great on you!! Especially the color! I love it paired with your gold watch ;)
  4. I don't have a picture but I did a test in the store, I do that with all mini bags I buy. If fits my iphone that has a thick case, my car keys, a skinny ID, lip gloss and a compact.
  5. Thanks!!! The watch is actually silver and gold, I don't hange watches often so this matches everything
  6. So I sneaked out of the room and took pictures while boyfriend is still snoring under the blanket. This little thing holds a lot!
    image-2796935463.jpg image-240848078.jpg
  7. What bag is this again?
  8. It's the Legacy Penny Shoulder Bag.
  9. Me, too. I'm about to order that bucket bag, but wonder if it will be too big on me. I am 5 feet tall & not sure if it will be too big.

  10. I received my second Legacy bag today.:yahoo:

    Legacy Ultraviolet Duffle, Style No. 19889, SV/AFH, MSRP $348.00


    And she definitely has SILVER for the Coach embedded logo on the front.

    PERFECT size too when I want to bring my iPad with me.

    I have more items coming, but Coach screwed up and didn't ship out yesterday like they were supposed to, so there will be more pics up tomorrow!!!
  11. She's gorgeous isn't she?!?!? I hope you love as much as I do.
  12. This beauty arrived yesterday
  13. Yes! :yes: She is stunning to behold in person. I love purple and this is definitely going to be a keeper. :smile:
  14. Loving the White...enjoy her.
  15. very nice- what a great versatile bag....