The Leeds TPF meet thread + goodies!

  1. So today was the first Leeds TPF meet it ended up a little smaller than expected but it could not be helped.

    BF & I arrived at Leeds at the meeting point didn''t see anyone around so walked up and down a little we did discuss how will we know it when we see the goup as we don't know what they look like but like a shining beacon in a crowd a miroir lockit! "there that is them!" and I was right lol

    so for the meet was Socialite, Kaiiechanel & Mam, me & BF we headed off to Harvey Nichols for lunch after lunch we went to LV.

    The store was a little busy but after a little while an SA came to help we had arranged the use of the VIP room so we headed on up, the SA brought us a bottle of Champagne and a ton of bags.

    Actually I think Steve (socialite) basically cleared the shelves from downstairs to bring upstairs :lol:

    The SA was wonderful she brought us a Mirage Griet to look at DAMM that bag is huge! the multicolour Mink Bumbag which we all just about tried on
    On display was a a Lilac Alligator L'Aimable it was beautiful but the price tag of £4500 was a little to high
    So many bags..........

    so want to know what I got?? (I'll let the others tell you their stories)

    look at the cute tag that came on the bags
    boxed.jpg Tag.jpg
  2. Please, do tell!!! :woohoo:
  3. :drool: pix please!!!
  4. Taa Daa!!!!
    scarf 1.jpg bandana.jpg Speedy.jpg Group.jpg
  5. And Visuals!
    Scarf.jpg scarf 2.jpg Visual 1.jpg visual 2.jpg
  6. Nice :nuts: Congrats ;) Isn't it nice and wonderful to meet up with fellow tPFer's :love:
  7. nice congrats!!!!!! sounds like fun
    I would like to go to a pf meet
  8. Wonderful buys.. Congrat's.
  9. I knew you'd bring home something gorgeous!

    Sorry I couldn't be there (damm work!!) I'll live it through this thread so I want all the juicy details!!

  10. such a shame you couldn't make it you really missed a great day but there'll be others
  11. some gorgeous goodies you got there.
  12. Gorgeous! How do you plan to wear that scarf? I'm curious because you have amazing style!:p

    Any pics from that day or the group?
  13. Pics from me coming soon ... LOL

  14. Thank you I wear them a few ways around the neck, on a bag or around my wrist, one day I'll do a scarf/bandana thread just haven't found the time yet
  15. Claire you look so fierce! Very VB! Loves it all