The Leather on the Balenciaga purses?

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  1. I'm not an ardent Bbag fan (as in I don't have the knowledge a lot of girls you have). But I have a couple questions.

    I went to the Balenciaga boutique here in NYC (its like way in the boonies of NYC lol) and asked to see a black City. They didn't have one in stock, so I put myself on the waiting list for one and asked to see the charcoal colored one. When I felt it, the leather just seemed SO DRY and I couldn't justify spending $1300 on it.

    Yesterday I went over to Barney's where they had a bunch of Bbags on display. There was a taupe-ish color city and when I felt it, it seemed SO DRY just like the ones at the boutique. But when I felt the bright pink ones, they were so soft and supple! I asked if they were the same season and the SA said yes and seemed surprised I thought some of the bags felt drier than the others and then chalked it up to the repeated dying of the bag to get it a certain color?

    Does it vary by season? Are the Giant Hardware ones generally softer and the cities drier, or are the different colors drier? :shrugs:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. While it does vary by season (05 leather is regarded as the BEST by a lot of Bal lovers), there's also a lot of variation even within one single color each season. So just because you feel one dry bag in a style and color you like, don't give up hope, you could easily stumble across the same bag but in much nicer leather. That being said, there are some colors that a lot of people seem to have trouble finding nice leather in, too.
  3. it varies between BAGS, not just season...
    condition the bag will help too
  4. If you go to the Care and Maintenance section of the Reference Library, there is lots of information on leather care. Have fun reading!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.