the leather of the chain of chanel woc is been divided to two parts

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  1. Just got this item half month ago in boutique, when i was maintaining it today I found out the chain is divided into two, isn't it should be all in one leather?? Unknown-1.jpeg Unknown-2.jpeg Unknown.jpeg
    sooo nerve racking now
  2. Yes it should be all one piece of leather. I can tell you are frustrated, maybe take it to the boutique to see what they can do for you.
  3. Ill go to the boutique and ask tomorrow, I think that is the reason why the staff sort of force me to buy this bag instead of the mini square. So disappointed to chanel, I heard similar situations but never thought would happen to me.
  4. Good luck to you. Please don't let anyone force you or make you feel pressured to buy a particular bag. For this amount of money, you should be thrilled with your choice. Good luck to you. Got my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you.
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  5. thanks a lot luckly it is about one and a half month perchase i think i can do something on it
  6. This has been posted a lot. This is normal on all chanel bags. The chain is in circle, but they can't cut leather like that, so it has to start and end somewhere. If you're not happy with woc, you have an option of selling it.
  7. It's the same on my jumbo fi
  8. This is normal. The leather piece has to end somewhere!! Topic has been posted numerous times on the forum. My m/l CF is the same way.