The least faked LV bags?

  1. About the only bad thing about LV is too many fakes around.

    What styles do you think are the least copied?

  2. I don't think the Mini Lin line is faked as much as Mono.

    I think everything Mono gets faked the most.
  3. the Multicolore line gets faked a lot too, especially the Speedy, Pochette Accessoires and wallets. i also see a lot of fake Cherry Blossoms running around, and some fake Denim bags

    i think the least faked i've seen so far probably is the Mini Lin line, and obviously the limited edition lines, although i wouldn't put it past the counterfeiters to start making those too. other lines that aren't faked as much are the Epi, Vernis, and maybe Suhali lines
  4. I think the mini lin would be the least fake line.
  5. I think Epi and Vernis.
  6. WHY are we wasting time talking about FAKES???????
  7. Ditto!
  8. ^Yeah!
    Buy what you like and don't worry about what is or isn't faked. :yes:
  9. probably the epi, or any of the leather and non canvas lines. Leather is less profitable to fake but it is faked from time to time (like Hermes fakes) just not nearly as much as canvas and fabric bags are.
  10. I have seen fake monos, damier canvas, and multicolores so far.
  11. Nomade Suhali and Epi are the least faked LV bags mono is the #1 and the most faked LV bag is the Speedy it is also the style mostly sold by LV.
  12. i'd go with suhali and epi. the grossest fakes though are the mc. counterfeiters can never perfect the 33 colors. it always looks off.
  13. I'm glad to hear Mini Lin is the least faked, although I worry it's only because it's a newer line, & the fakers just haven't quite caught up.
  14. Just for the sake of conversation. ;)

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  15. ^^^hehe
    I think probably those lines that doesn't have the logo everywhere
    because people who buys fakes obviously buys because they want others to see it is "LV"
    I don't think nomade nor utah leather are very much faked