The least expensive......

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  1. What is the least you've paid for an authentic louis vuitton item? If you got a steal please state how much the item retails (ed) for and how much you got it for.

    My friend bought her DH a monogram wallet (in good condition) for $30.:supacool:
  2. I've never bought used LV, but I've saved quite a lot on buying abroad on currency rates. I save a LOT on my bequia fourre tout and also on my keepall (not to mention it was bought back in 2005).
  3. I bought a mono wallet for $50!!
  4. I bought a pochette marly messenger bag for approx $48
  5. ^ Okay how the heck did you manage that?!
  6. haha, IDK LOL :p, I guess im good at finding a bargain haha !, the bag is in my avatar.

    BTW - do you have a neverfull ??
  7. $76 for this Monogram Shine Porte Monnaie a couple of weeks ago!
  8. wow i hardly buy bags used... so no deals for me :sad:.
  9. MC bandaeu for $60, it was listed as unusual mens tie.
    and a black epi noe for $160
  10. For me $700 for sac chien pet carrier. They retail for over $1500 I feel I got an amazing deal.
  11. No deals for me.....:girlsigh: I only buy new items. I guess I am too afraid of buying a fake.
  12. I got my:
    MC Solonge for $500 retails for $1400
    Denim Baggy PM for $600 retails for $1270
    Ebene Mini Lin Speedy for $550 retails for $675
    Mono Mini Looping for $300 it retails for $760
    Marais (Damier Bucket) for $300 retails for $925

    I think I have gotten some pretty good deals.
    Azur Saleya MM for $700 retail is $1040
    Black Epi Pochette $190 retail is $380
    Mono Cles for $100 retail is $150
    Mono Koala Wallet for $350 retail is $585
  13. ^^^ how did you find all these stuff???! :blink:
  14. ^^ WOW beljwl, you got yourself some good deals!!! :tup:

    i don't own many LV items yet (only 1 bag and couple wallets/accessories), and other than my amarante vernis cles (which i got new for $180 on eBay), i've only bought stuff at LV boutiques and i too am paranoid about getting fakes or about getting something that is defective/damaged. i'm also very nitpicky about things like scuffs, stains etc so i am a bit wary of getting stuff that is used. i should really overcome that fear though, it seems like you can really save a lot of $$$ if you buy second-hand items!
  15. Hmm.. I got some mint fuchsia spa mules (with adorable terrycloth bag) for $58.. I guess no one was watching that auction! retail was $195 or $295 can't quite remember.

    I also got a white MC wish bracelet for $78 (not sure of retail.. but I think it was in the $225 range.)

    Got a brand new cerises cles on eBay after they were all sold out for $120!!