The LE Magenta BAGS are in!!!

  1. Just got the call from Kim, they seem to do the overnight shipping for Magentas. I will be so thrilled to see it IRL tomorrow!!!!!

    Everybody, this day finally comes! Let's celebrate!!!:dothewave::party::drinkup::drinks:
  2. I can't wait to see pics!!
  3. :nuts: WOW!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see pics too!!!!!!!!
  4. :drinkup: cheers everyone, we made it!!

    I'll definitely be posting pics of mine tomorrow evening!
  5. Will def post pics as soon as I get mine.

    I am also dying to see the SGH that some of you ladies ordered! They should come in the same shipment right??
  6. what????? get out.. i almost passed out. are you sure???

    i did not get a call.... hang on, let me check my cell phone battery!!!!

  7. This forum will be flooded with Magenta for the next few days~!:p
  8. Finally! Can't wait to see them girls!
  9. toni22--rest assured:graucho:it will take some time for them to reach everybody:yahoo: Did you order the SGH? I can't wait to see it!!

    When I saw the caller id, I almost fainted,HAHA~~
  10. joyfishyu, is yours giant silver?

  11. It's from my understanding that they only recieved a shipment of some of the RH and GGH (i ordered GGH) I'm sure the GSH will be here soon!
  12. yes! i ordered the SGH! and i am just a few blocks away!

    i ordered that very first day the emails came out when the PF broke Bal"s fax machine.. opps..
    so i should be toward the top of the list! maybe i should just go over there and stand around!!!
  13. yayy super psyched for all you girls. :yahoo::yahoo: it's the proverbial (magenta) light at the end of the tunnel. ;) hopefully GSH will come in soon tooooo...
  14. I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm excited they are finally here!
  15. that GGH is going to be super hot!

    can you believe, still, after all this time i am still flip flopping...

    gold, silver, gold, silver gold, silver.

    oh, and something i always wanted to say about the new 08 magenta which i am sure is going to be very nice...

    if you look at the colors during what some girls believe to be the glory years, 03 had a lilac, 04 we had two pinks, rose and another lilac,
    then 05 had magenta and bubblegum

    so its not that unusual for them to release another pink so quickly. follows the pattern.

    love them all!!! :heart: