The latest on white bags...

  1. Can anybody help me think of one single situation (or outfit) i'd want to carry nothing but my white kelly? If i can't come up with it, i might be doomed. You know, a few in, a few out. i love it, though. with the silver hardware it's so fresh and gucci-like to me but still hermes through and through. help!
  2. Luncheon?

    A garden party?


    I intend carrying mine to all these and more when it comes :smile:
  3. I could take my honey croc kelly to those. :crybaby:
    this is why the hard time deciding.
  4. To the tennis, golf, polo..? By that I mean, Opens or tournaments.
  5. Yup - and horse racing.

    A wedding... a Christening
  6. Oooh, ooh, and yachting or out on a boat!
  7. hey, we are getting somewhere! maybe golf. any other ideas? i am feeling optimistic here. a boat is one place i would want white for sure. thanks serenity!
  8. Excellent suggestions, white would work out so nice at a tennis event (wimbledon), golf, polo, on a boat....
  9. i'm feeling sorry for this poor little white kelly but it's like the little train that could. i think i can, i think i can. it's so beautiful!

    if it were a birkin i would say beach party but kelly is too dressy for that.
  10. Tennis is prefect - nice one Serenity.

    Anywhere near the water - sea-side lunches.

    Most sporting events too. A Grand Prix perhaps?
  11. white would look great in a warm, sunny setting, like brunch on the beach, or a cruise ship...
  12. i have to think though why i would not want a gold bag for the same occasion. that is why it is so hard.
  13. i am starting to think now maybe for casual colors i should stick to birkins. i carry kelly mostly for dressy times although i have a couple retournes including the white one. think of how good a white birkin would look at the beach and that is casual.
  14. Cocktail parties at water settings... skiing ...
  15. handybags, what kind is yours that is coming? are you excited?? hey, skiing now. how about in winter with a white wool coat and white gloves? or can you not carry white kelly in the winter no matter what?

    i must go to sleep but tomorrow i will check again. thank you everybody for your help! i have hope now.