The Latest in Theft Deterrents - A Cobra

  1. A real-life Egyptian cobra guards a pair of ruby- sapphire- and diamond-encrusted sandals by designer Rene Caovilla at Harrods department store London.(AFP/File/Shaun Curry)
  2. That's insane :wtf:

    Beautiful photo though!
  3. ^^ Isn't it just?

    I hope they're treating the cobra humanely.
  4. This was on the news tonight, apparently the snake charms on the shoes are estimated at a whopping 128,000 dollars, hence the snake guard. It's more of a promotional ploy than anything.
  5. Harrods department store hires security snake

    AFP - Tuesday, September 11 11:25 am
    LONDON (AFP) - A London department store went to great lengths to protect a luxury shoe collection -- with the help of a live cobra.

    The slippery security guard was on duty for Monday's launch of exclusive footwear including a 62,000-pound (120,000-dollar) pair of ruby-, sapphire- and diamond-encrusted Rene Caovilla sandals.
    Whether hiring a poisonous snake is, strictly speaking, the most effective means of guarding haute couture shoes might be a moot point with security experts.
    But it makes for an effective photo opportunity.
    A spokeswoman for Harrods admitted that the cobra had been hired strictly for Monday's launch.
    "The snake has now been returned to its owner," she said.
    So no need to fear snake bites at the shoe counter, then.
    "Not unless you're a burglar."

  6. Yeah I wondered about that, too. If this snake is there to bite people who go near the shoes, I wonder how they are got him in and out :confused1:

    They must have had a trained snake handler with anti-venom and all that stuff just in case.
  7. Wow. I would be afraid to even get near the shoe to look. :lol:
  8. Gosh, that's creative. Beautiful shoe, though.