The Last Straw: A Love Story (with pics, of course) *MORE PICS P. 22*

  1. Eeep! A bittersweet story!
  2. Where else but Hermes of course!
  3. Bring it on, Gia. Oops I mean Gina.
  4. Ooh... nothing like Hermes....
  5. Gia's misery followed her like a cloud, prompting her kindly SA at 24 Fbg to ask what could possibly be the matter. And out it poured, unbidden - every (well, almost every) last detail. She left out the handcuffs.

    She left out the part where she noticed that Jean-Pierre had been wearing John Lobb shoes, and that he had also, the second night, been wearing an Hermes belt. This one:


    It looked exceptionally good on the floor...
  6. Is a door tag hanger saying Please Do Not Disturb from The Ritz..
  7. Ohh gina.. Please do tell, please :heart:
  8. Brought close to tears again by the memory of her lover - if that's what Jean-Pierre was - it felt so unnatural now to think of him as the client - she stifled a sob as she sipped her espresso. Her fingers trembled and her SA must have taken pity on her because she was soon after asked for a list of what she truly desired. 'Tell me what would make you happiest to see,' her SA said.

    Well. What would make her happiest, she thought with a sniff, would be to see Jean-Pierre walk through those wrought iron-and-glass doors and scoop her up in his arms again, and make her dizzy with desire once again with those hands that --

    ... well, nevermind.

    She told her SA what her dream BAG was. And as she spoke the words, she felt herself sinking further into her depression, thinking that whatever lucky charm that had been with her during the week had probably long evaporated.

    But as she looked up, she saw a sly smile play upon her SA's face.

    "Wait right here. Don't go away. I have something to show you," were the last words she heard before her SA darted away...
  9. OMG this is going to be good!
  10. Well... he obviously had good taste LOL
  11. And when her SA returned with a big orange box, let me tell you that for the first time in as many days, GIA FORGOT ALL ABOUT JEAN-PIERRE!!!

  12. A BIG ORANGE BOX!!!! Yippeeee!!!!!!
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  14. Oooooooohhhhh!!! That's going to be my strategy when I go ask about my Dream Bag! :graucho:
  15. oooooh... this is such an intriguing reveal. I'm trying to stay awake, but it's 3:24am...