The Last Straw: A Love Story (with pics, of course) *MORE PICS P. 22*

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  1. Whenever this thread gets revived, I get hopeful that Gina has come back with an update! Hoping that there are little baby x's to add to the story!
  2. Wow, i have been a silent reader in TPF for years and i believe this could be my first post ever. What an incredibly beautiful story (alongside gorgeous H goodies)!! Read front to end in one day
  3. Wow, what a lovely read. Thanks for sharing, Gina. And thanks to the people who bumped this thread up.
  4. Was in another thread talking about something completely different and found this thread again.... We miss you G! Hope you will come back one day and give us an update...
  5. Would you believe I was only thinking about this thread a couple of days ago!! This is definitely one of my favourite threads ever on tPF. :heart:
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  6. Me too. I still remember reading it for the first time 10 years ago. Time flies!
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  7. Me too! I have been cleaning up and unsuscribing from a bunch of old and even newer threads. But I decided to keep this one just in case Gina comes back and gives us an update.
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  8. I just read the entire thread today. Missed all the errands I was supposed to attend to. This was the best thread ever on TPF! Wish Gina would return and give an update.
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  9. omg I can NOT believe this thread has been revived. Wowwwwwwwwww
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  10. I consider this thread one of the classic threads, along with groupie’s leather book and doc’s leather care! The best of TPF is when everyone is excited to share, and in a meaningful and entertaining way. How I miss those old days and our brilliant story tellers!
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  11. Thank for reviving this thread. I finished reading Gia’s story within one day, what a page turner.

    Hopefully she is doing fine and having a happy life with X.
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    Remember reading this years ago (really???) and loving every minute of it!
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  13. This was such a great thread! Hope Gina is doing well!
  14. What a lovely thread (novel?) to revive and enjoy on Valentine’s Day!!
  15. Wow I remember reading this years ago. What a wonderful story. Hope all is well with Gina. Happy Valentine’s Day!