The Last Straw: A Love Story (with pics, of course) *MORE PICS P. 22*

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  1. Love love your story !!,
  2. I have read this thread since monday (its wednesday evening now) on my spare time.... and I love it!
    Hope to hear your soon again how are you doing now :smile:
  3. Wow! This is a blast from the past. I remember LOVING this thread. I wonder whatever happened! Would love an update.
  4. Love your birkin :heart: and your story! I'd forget about everything with that beautiful Birkin!
  5. Just wanted to revive this thread so that new members can enjoy the story plus amazing photos to go with it. :smile:
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  6. Love this thread! Every time I see the the actor Justin Hartley, I think of this thread :smile:
  7. OMG BEST THREAD EVER!!!! Love, intrigue and Hermes, what could be better??? Thank you Gina_b, I wish you much continued happiness, wherever you are now!!!!
  8. thank you for finding this again!! this has to be one of the best threads ever! gina you are a great storyteller! if you ever write a book i would buy it :o)
  9. wow! this was the best story and reveal EVER!
  10. Awesome story tale....the last part was a great ending with your STUNNING croc B, thank you for sharing this. No wonder all eyes on her, where got time for others...haha

    Also, awesome H B collection, all are SOOOOOO beautiful and BREATHTAKING!!!!~~
  11. I was wondering what it was going to be and when I saw it I was starstruck......

    But the trio..KILLED ME.. So Beautiful!
  12. Whoa. I had no idea that this thread even existed until today! Well, let me just say that, as the others have noted over and over again, it is the most AMAZING thread on tPF! Gina is a most talented and wonderful writer and I have spent the entire day today reading it from page 1 to 246. Nonstop. So happy that things went well for her and X and hope that they are still together and very much in love. Thanks for sharing your love story with us and congrats on all the lovely H goodies.

  13. Thank you!!! Just finished and it was incredible ️️.
  14. Read it through last night and what a love story indeed! Wishing G and X the best!
  15. LOL

    This is sure a blast from the past.