The Last Straw: A Love Story (with pics, of course) *MORE PICS P. 22*

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  1. Once upon a time there lived a girl. I say 'lived', but when you pencil-push all day in a staid old-fashioned white-shoe environment where hyper-caffeinated co-workers cram into air-conditioned offices with windows that are not made to open, but which are cleverly outfitted with kitchens and showers (to make sure you never need to leave the office)... when that's how you live, the use of the term 'living' might be considered by some to be a bit cavalier.

    Anyway, that's how this girl - we'll call her Gin- I mean, Gia, began to view her life. Every day a string of bland pointless meetings where lawyers, bankers and businessmen flung around terms of art and argued over placement of prepositions in documents that would never be read by anyone other than the handful of printers and one or two bleary-eyed interns. The confident stride that had carried her through her first few years at The Company eventually devolved into a weary resentful shuffle.

    Even the prospect of foreign travel with even a soupcon of romance had become a pipe dream, particularly after the last four holidays she had planned with friends had been cancelled due to last-minute 'office emergencies'.

    She was nearing the end of her rope.

    Poor Gia...


    But then one day her fairy godmother prompted a client to call for a meeting in PARIS...
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  6. As Gia packed her little suitcase, with a little smile - the first real one she had allowed herself in a long while - she entertained for the teensiest fraction of a second the idea that by some twist of fate, a little adventure might lie in wait for her in the City of Lights. She'd be there for at least four days. And she would be alone. Well, her and the client who would no doubt be dull dull dull. Already half-giddy with excitement, she guiltily planned to ditch him after the meetings. Logistically there might be enough time between stuffy stupor-inducing meetings to have a little fun.

    She dared not hope for romance. That would surely have been asking the gods for too much.

    But over her black Armani trouser suits, she tossed in a couple of waify Alberta Ferretti dresses and some sky-high Louboutins.

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