The last piece for this year... PROMISE!!!

  1. Okay... After being tempted very much with Poosdarling & KatyD's new purchases.. I got myself a Pink Caviar Bowler with the help of my friend! I got it this morning and she's sooo cute and soo girlish! This is the first time I ever had a pink designer handbag and I'm so in love with her! I'm too lazy to do a family shot and a pic of her lately because I'm anxiousl waiting for my baby's delivery date.. I'll post pics if I have time.. :biggrin:

    For now, I'm off to my purseban... FOR REAL! No more handbags till' December for me! :biggrin:
  2. Congrats on your newest bag addition.
  3. ^Thanks! And actually, it's my first non-flap Chanel Handbag.. Hehe!
  4. Congrats!
  5. ^Thanks! :biggrin:
  6. Congrats!!! but frankly speaking....I don't believe that this will be your last purse till Dec...haha...:graucho:
  7. aha rica!!! :smile:
  8. LOL! rica, you succumbed! congrats on the new bag and good luck with the delivery!
  9. Sounds so cute, I love pink! Post pics when you can!
  10. Congrats, you have been bad lately:graucho:, but I dont blame you soon baby will be here , now is the time for yourself . Post a family pic when you have time, along with those LV's hahaha.
  11. yeaaaaaaa right i say i wont buy any more but cha ching my visa is smoking hahahah
  12. congrats!
  13. A ban until Dec! That's about 150 days of NO Chanel! I don't think you can last that long!:p

    But, congrats on your pink bowler! Post pics when you can!
  14. how cute! cant wait to see pics :heart:
  15. purse ban?? Does not compute..:confused1:

    congrats on your bag! Those are such cute bags. I would love to have one when I'm feeling "girly" but I don't wear enough outfits that match pink.

    Can't wait to see pics though!