The last one ( until december!!) and news about BI and Part Time

  1. Today I have gone shopping with my mother ... and i have gone back to home with two new cachemire .......... and
    Black City :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: (she has paid for all :heart: :heart: )

    I have always thought that I would never have bought a black Balenciaga but .... I was needing a bag which did not force me to think how to match it with clothes ..

    I have also seen a first in blue india... i don't like it:sad: ... not bright and not pastel... it is a colour between sky blu 05 and turquoise 05

    I have seen also the Part Time in blue roi : ... I do not like it, it is as wide as the Work and as high as the city. . it is disproportionate :Push:
    Borse 13.jpg Borse 6.jpg Borse 7.jpg Borse 9.jpg Borse 4.jpg
  2. lol! so pretty! congrats l_b! you're on your way to 10! :party:

    I'll be so interested to see this elusive BI in person! I'm so curious as to it's color!
  3. Congratulations, that is beautiful! The style looks awesome! And that is so sweet of your mom to buy it for you! Enjoy your new bag!
  4. l_b, your new bag ROCKS!!! Do you know if legal files will fit in the City?
  5. Etenbris.... i don't know what legal files are.. sorry.. i'm italian and my English is bad!
  6. That's okay! Legal files are the file folders that attorneys use...a bit larger than A4 size. I am sure someone on PF will be able to tell me. :confused1:
  7. :heart: Gorgeous black city!!!:heart: Is the leather awesome?- it's looks it! Use it well!
  8. ok... if legal files are a little bit larger than A4 size i don't think that they will fit in the city.... Maybe the perfect size is the work:flowers:
  9. What a lucky shopping-day .... what a fantastic mom :love: :yahoo: and what a GORGEOUS black city :drool: . . . CONGRATS l_b :flowers:
  10. wow what a nice mom! congrats on your new bag, it looks great on you!
  11. Legal files are usually 8" by 14". If that doesn't fit, will it fit the regular 8" by 11" then?
  12. hey l_b congrats on the new bags!!!
  13. Congrats on your lovely bag. However it's sad to hear that the part time looks abit disproportionate. I had such a high hopes for the part time because I don't think i'd look right with a work. *sigh*
  14. Yes, 8 x 11 files fit in a city.
  15. You have a great mom!!! Your bag looks awesome, Congrats!