The last of the tPF Keychains / purse charms:)

  1. Hello,

    In in effort to clean up my hobby room, I found a few more keychains, I know I told the last few people who e-mailed me I was out...sorry, I didn't save your e-mails :push:. I have about 15 left, first come first serve until!

    They will be $12, shipped in the US, $14 shipped internationally. 100% of the money brought in from these last few keychains is going to go the sunshine committee soldier holiday gift box project :smile:

    IF you are interested, email me for the details

    Many Thanks, Mary


    Here is one of the threads with some member photos
  2. Love love this key chain!
  3. I love this keychain--thanks again, tink! I highly recommend this little's adorable and pretty, and helps out tPF....
  4. I love mine, its sooooo pretty IRL!!!

    For those who dont have them, GET ONE!!
  5. I love mine! I strongly recommend getting it! :heart:
  6. Thanks everyone. When these are finally gone that will mean just over 1000 out there...whew! Don't forget to watch for them when you're shopping ;)
  7. Still lots left, anyone else need one?
  8. These are so cool guys! I love mine! Get em now while you still can!
  9. Wow - I thought they would've been snapped up straight away as soon as you posted.
  10. Me
  11. I would love one! twinkle.tink, I just emailed you. I hope there are still some left!
  12. Hi, I emailed and PM'd you today...I really would LOVE one!
    Thanks so much! I don't know how I missed out on the info!
  13. Hi, I just PM'd you! I hope there are still some left! Thanks for the info!
  14. They really are fabulous! Snag 'em up while you can!
  15. I just e-mailed you! :smile: I would love one! I am ready to send the paypal amount to you so i'm just waiting on verification that there's one left for me. lol. thank you! have a great day!