the last of the parisian goodies

  1. so... the BF wanted to go back to balenciaga to buy a bag for HIMSELF :nuts: (finally managed to convert him after all these years! :yahoo:) and after he picks out his purchase, plomb messenger for men, we head over to the accessories side.

    i know you've all heard about my less than pleasant experience with a guy in the girls' store but today i went back and MANAGED TO CONVINCE THEM TO SHOW ME THEIR SPRING SUMMER 08 BAGS!!!!! :supacool:

    they bring out all cities -- bubblegum GGH, sahara GGH, magenta RH and vert thyme RH. to me: sahara = naturel + sandstone (07); magenta = both magentas :nogood:; vert thyme = dolma + olive green (05); bubble gum.. well you'll see!

    at first, nothing stands out to me, i wanted a bubblegum but the GGH was a little over
    the top for me so i tell that to the SA. and at first they insist that that's all they have. :rolleyes: so cecile, who is an absolute dear, checks one more time for me. lo and behold, THERE IS A BUBBLEGUM RH CITY HIDING SOMEWHERE IN THEIR BOXES!!! it's an act of balenciaga fate, i have to buy it! it'll be lots of instant ramen for me from now on.. :angel:

    as roxanne said, this bag is very soft and buttery but there isn't the same thickness of the older bags. however, i do love this color. it's in between the rose and the bubblegum i think.

    spy pictures! sorry it's not terribly clear.. courtesy of the BF. :smile:

    his plomb messenger!
  2. [​IMG]
    the bal paper bag :smile:

    a bit at a time...





  3. Wohooo spy pics!!! And what a sweet BF!! Love the messenger and please post pics of your BG city!! CONGRATS!!! :flowers:

    EDIT: Yay pics!!! That leather looks so smooshy, congrats again! :tup:

    PS. Did you see any electric blue bags?
  4. okay last of the pictures,



    hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :yes:
  5. Are you saying the 08 Magenta looks the same as 05 and 07LE? If so, Im pretty happy about that cause the chances of me finding an 05 City @ retail value is close to nil!
  6. Congrats!:yahoo: Your BG city is sooo pretty! Thanks for the spy pics, I can't wait for the new bags to arrive at BalNY!
  7. Gorgeous! I love that your bf got one, too!

    I've never heard of the new season being released this early, is it different this year?
  8. Woooooooooo!!!!!!! Fab purchase, pluiee!!!!! And thanks for the spy pics! I quite like the vert thyme!
  9. Thanks so much for the spy pics pluiee!
    Magenta is actually looking better than I expected. And the Bubblegum... well it's just TDF!

    Congrats on you and your BF's new bags!
  10. congrats! your bag looks squishy already! would you say the leather is smooth as opposed to veiny? and thanks for the spy pictures! sahara is the one under magenta, correct? i still prefer dolma..
  11. Congratulations! You're so lucky! Love this bag. The color looks great.
  12. Congrats to both of you! And WOW, thanks for the info and pics, you're soo lucky :nuts:
  13. congratulations!! the color is soooo pretty and looks great @ you!!
  14. Great Spy pics, i'd never even given Vert Thyme a second thought until i saw the photo, now i'm thinking a Vert Thyme Day Hobo in RH is on the wishlist!
  15. thanks for the spy pics!! congrats!!