The last of my big shoe purchase: Manolos and Fendis

  1. Here they are. I think they're the last of the bunch. I will have to get a "family" pic out.

    Manolo Crystal Thong Flip Flops and Fendi Espadrilles:
  2. Awesome! Congrats! Please do post your family pic in my shoe showcase stricky thread!
  3. wow!!!i love them both!!!great taste!;)
  4. Great picks!!
  5. Wow, I want both of those :yahoo: Congrats! Gorgeous!
  6. Wow totally gorge chick :yahoo: am so loving the thongs.
  7. maxter - you have the most beautiful things and the most fantastic taste :love:
  8. You are so kind!! I'm just a 40-ish mom with two boys. My handbags and shoes are my big thing and this forum is great. My girlfriends think I am so weird with my "obsession" so I don't even talk to them about it anymore. Why should I?? I have new cyberfriends who love to talk bags and shoes!! And they don't think it's weird at all!!
  9. I love those Fendis. Congrats on your goodies.
  10. gorgeous! i love the blahniks so much.
  11. Beautiful!!:biggrin:
  12. Love, love, love the Manolos!
  13. :smile: stunning, LOVE the manolos!
  14. Love the fendis