The Last of a Prestigious Tastemaker's Guidance: Going Down that Road...

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  1. Hand? Surly machine embroidery, no?

    It is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I love it!
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  2. +1
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  3. BV states over 100,000 hand-embroidered stitches...
  4. Wow! Really? The idea of that almost makes me feel faint! That makes it even more stunning, and I didn't think that could be possible. I hope you post some mod shots when you are out about town!

    (Also, pardon by "surly" typo above. Haahha.)
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  5. Which is why I HAD to have this masterpiece. That just sealed the deal.

    If you aren't familiar with BV's unique weaving and treatments (under Tomas Maier) please feel free to absolutely get lost in this thread:
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  6. Oh thanks! I've been reading a lot about BV since accidentally buying one a bit back (instant love) and am trying to figure out what would be my BV grail. Maybe it a a Cabat, but I'm not yet sure. I've been lost in other threads, but hadn't discovered the one you shared. Thanks for that.

    It is a masterpiece. What was the original price on that? I have a LV Antheia that was *machine* embroidered that is over 10 years old and it was about $5k back then. This Messenger is much smaller, but the embroidery alone probably took longer to complete by hand than the Antheia on a machine (I think it took 2 days on a machine.)

    Whew! Very nice!
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  7. Spotted Fashion says $1950.
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  8. do you know by any chance if my Sunshine is hand-stitched, too??

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  9. Y'all are simply blowing my mind. I am so digging the weave with embroidery.
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  10. Yes, yes it is. :sunshine:
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  11. wow!! thank you!
    i never asked a SA, neither it was mentioned online for my bag, and because all stitches are so tiny and neat i just thought they were machine made!
    but i must admit even when i thought so i was still admiring them, looking up close and finding the beauty in the neatness of each of them, now i know WHY they are so neat and balanced!!
    thank you! :smooch:
  12. :love: