The Last Hurrah...

  1. ...before my self-imposed purse-ban. :wtf: :sad:

    I'm actually a bit on purse-overload right now, with the recent additions of the Baggy PM to my family -- who finally got to make her grand debut today, and the recent additions of both LV and Coach goodies to the line-up, I've decided I need to go on a purse-buying hiatus, so that I may enjoy all the wonderful bags I already have. (I will say this though, I am lusting after a Coussin GM, after trying it on today, but I digress...)

    I like to go to my boutique prepared with a list so that I don't forget everything I want to look at. Our SA spotted us as we passed the window and my Mom and I were greeted with hugs. :flowers: She mentioned that she was just going to phone us, because the scarf I had wanted was in. Hooray! I was instantly attracted to a white Squichy, and the Mono Stephen...but we were on a mission. Mom had her eye on the Ravello GM so we were whisked off to the Damier corner where I tried on the Saleya PM and MM and the Parioli AND the Navona. I thought the Saleya was a great shape, although the MM was alot bigger than I thought and the base of the bag not comfortable against my body. I really liked the PM size, but wished the handles were a bit longer. I liked that the Parioli hit me at the hip, but it was a bit more structured than I liked. And the Navona...well it's just cute.

    Well my Mom had said, ONE bag, and I still wasn't bonding with anything, so we went further down my list. Out came a Mono CoussinGM and the Ellipse PM. In my mind, I really wanted a shoulder bag..but knew that once I saw the Ellipse my mind would be made up. I always LOVED that bag, after the Speedy, it's one of my favorite shapes. So the Ellipse it was! As our SA was putting things away and getting out the things we were purchasing, my Mom said to add the Navona to our "pile." Hooray! :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo:

    (And we didn't even get to Coach yet...but I will save that post for that forum! :graucho: )

    So may I present the rest of my family (the Mini Ellipse was so excited to meet its big sister!):
    lvscarf01.jpg ellipse001.jpg lvscarf02.jpg ellipse002.jpg
  2. Congratulations to your new additions!!
  3. Gorgeous, gongrats!
  4. And here is the Navona, with and without the Pochette Extender.

    I can see how one can easily get addicted to Damier. :graucho:
    navona01.jpg navona02.jpg
  5. Congrats!!!!:nuts: Love them all!!!! :love:
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!! I love all your goodies! I bought the scarf for my mom's birthday, and let me tell you it is sooo soft and beautiful!
  7. congrats!!! i love the ellipse!! :smile:
  8. Congrats!
  9. Very adorable! Nice additions :smile:
  10. Love your new addition. Congratulations!!!
  11. congratulations!
  12. Beautiful! I particularly love the scarf:smile:
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats on your new purchases...I love the scarf:love:
  15. i love how the scarf looks with ellipse.. so nice!!
    u make me want that scarf even more though..

    congrats anyway :heart: