The Last Airbender

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  1. I am going gaga over this movie because I just loved the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series. This movie is so far away (this July), but the teaser trailers were hella early like last Spring or something. I actually didn't know wtf it was or based off of until my SO had me watch the whole series from start to finish (yes, every book). I'm SO glad he did. Just recently, I saw the extended previews of it.
  2. Ohhh...I love Aang & Katara. Thanks for the preview. I hope it is as good as the animated series. Watching the series on Friday nights after the kids were asleep was our part weekly date night ritual. :lol:
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    Np. I can relate to that. Ever since my SO introduced me to it, we would religiously watch the next few episodes everytime we saw each other during the weekend, but just for a small part of one day. I got so hooked.

    I don't really have a favorite character as there are too many equal favorites, lol. I do especially love Princess Azula though who has not been casted! I can't believe it. She wasn't crucial to the premise, but she really was a great asset to the plot. Although demented, she was also just an awesome personality.
    On second thought, maybe, just maybe they come out with a sequel to fit in Azula and others later? I can only hope. But first, let's see that this original movie doesn't suck or is not average.
  4. yes, I do hope there will be a sequel should this one do well. there's so much to fit into just a 2 hr movie. I have a feeling that they will skip a lot of the chapters and jump towards the end with the battle.
  5. Totally agreed. There is just a tremendous amount to fit into a 2 hour movie.
  6. I've seen this show before too - it is really good! Good storylines.
  7. I'd never heard of it until the trailers. What channel does the show come on? Where can I find some background info on it? The movie looks very interesting.
  8. ^ The series is finished. There are 3 books (Water, Earth, Fire) or 3 seasons. You may be able to catch the episodes on youtube or other sites. It was on YTV when we saw it. I know that Blockbusters has some dvds for sale here in Canada.
  9. Oh ok. Thanks.
  10. I think it comes on Nickelodeon as re-runs sometimes.
  11. I'm so glad you posted this! I loved the series and HATED when they ended it. It was one of the few series that we all like to watch as a family. With the way the series ended, I really thought they were going to start a new series with Zuko looking for his mother. I really hate that the ONE really great cartoon series ended but you have some cartoons that last for years.

    The movie looks awesome. I can't wait to see it but I agree that it is a lot to fit into 2 hours. It does look like they are starting from the very begining. My only complaint is that none of the characters look asian, which is the way they seemed to be drawn.
  12. I hated it when it ended too, but I think it was for the best. However, according to this:, there is speculation that a new Avatar series may release this late year, but Aang's story will end. Prob a different avatar?

    As popular as the series was with high ratings throughout, the creators decided to end it because it was as complete as it needed to be according to them, and everything else would turn into extra, meaningless fluff. There are many TV series that just keep going season after season but eventually, they reach a point of dragging or past a conclusion, and they make a new premise that seems forced without much value. Only a few make a new premise that is worthwhile.

    As for the ethnicities in the animated series, I thought at least two of the nations were either ambiguously Asian-looking or Caucasian just like most anime. The airbenders shown in Aang's past looked Caucasian, the fire nation looked like a cross between Asian and Caucasian or a diverse group of both, the earth tribe did look Asian for the most part, and the water tribe had a Native American look. The movie has the ethnicities and other ones mismatched with the nations, like Indians (Central Asia) for the Fire Nation, white for the water tribe, white for the airbender(s), and I think actually Asian for the Earth tribe. This is just judging from the previews of course. However, I don't think the movie is as Caucasian-centric compared to the anime in casting as a lot of people make it out to be.
  13. LOVED the animated series. Hope it does well translated to the big screen.
  14. I wonder if it will be a spin off, maybe not a new avatar but one of the characters we already love. I really really hope it's Zuko, they set it up for him to look for his mother. Maybe they can make them a few years older and explore from there.

    I do agree that it was a great way to end the series and not drag it out but I thought they could continue with Aang helping to put things in order.

    That's a pretty good analysis of the different groups. I'll have to wait to see what the characters in the movies look like. I took the airbenders as more asian because they reminded me so much of the tibetan monks. The water benders definately look native american with their garb. I can't really tell what the fire or earth nations were suppossed to look like.
  15. I can't wait for this movie to come out! I enjoyed watching the shows so much with my son that we went out and bought the DVDs! Come on, July!