The LAST 06 Modern Chain E/W Tote at NM $2225!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yeah that's right, I said $2225!!!!!!!!

    I was just offered the last 2006 Modern Chain E/W Tote for $2225 at NM! I cannot buy this right now (POUTING) so I figured the least I can do is pass this along to one of you so someone can get this incredible deal!

    It is on hold under my name "Jill"

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you want this beauty! Here is a pic too!
  2. hmmm...wonder who will be the lucky owner of this gorgeous bag?
  3. Awww... I would love to get it, but unfortunately... NM doesn't offer EGC. Bummer
  4. oooh love it, wish i had the $$.
  5. Wow, I may just have to call her, that is very very tempting! I am supposed to be saving that for the fall but...
  6. Thanks so much for posting this. It is sooo tempting, but too bad I over-spent lately and can't get it now :sad: And just thinking the $2225 price is lower than that of some medium flaps now -- a huge, functional Chanel tote made of the yummiest leather being lower in price than a tiny flap....
  7. i just bought this bag brand new from a girl on eBay who ordered it for me thru bloomingdales! i thought I had the last one! someone get it!
  8. So tempted:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  9. i think i am going to call in the am,
    i have the new one for 2750-which came to about 3k with tax and shipping. so i may have to swap. WISH ME LUCK!!
  10. ^ they are "different" bags though
  11. yea i know. but the same shape. different texture, glazing etc. i am aware.
  12. This is a beauty! Oh how I wish I could. Bad timing.
  13. It is so tempting, but I have bought way too much lately. Hopefully someone here gets this bag.
  14. OMG...this is sooooo hot...really wish I could!!!
  15. wow i'm so surprised that this bag has not been taken for so long! it is seriously gorgeous... i would take it but i've already decided to blow my bag money for the season no a reissue.