The Las Vegas LV loot and pics!

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  1. Spottings of note:
    Silver Metallic Speedy
    B&W Grafitti Alma
    Leopard Steamer (was too shock to judge too well if it was real or fake)

    Other non lv: It's a Coach world out there, a small amount of Fendis, handful of Diors and Chanels, 2 beautiful Birkins

    The Metallic Alma Voyage @ The LV Wynn

    It was so lovely and distracting it was hard to look at anything else in the store. Love to my DH for taking the covert pic.


    Ceasars (and my DH who decided to blink)
    The Wynn

    The Loot

    I saw the Metallic Pochette and I was so sure I was going to buy, but my DH was right when he said smudging that bag constantly would peeve me too much. I also think I've been suffering from a case of bag-itis, you know one too many. The transparent line is all that and a bag of chips.



    I never thought I'd be into the bubbles ring, but I love it!!

    Here's everything with my biege PM

    I was able to get the last Azur Pochette in Las Vegas!! Along with a new catalog (same pics from Elux)


    The ring box is soooo tiny and cute.

    I can't say enough positive things about the bubble ring. The sizing is different even though they say one size, they are bent differently. I tried on 4 rings until I found the perfect fit. The bubble bracelet they had in stock didn't fit my wrist, but I'm not giving up hope!

    Here's a very tired me after Ka @ the Venetian canals wearing it.

    I have gotten compliments on the ring everyday I've worn it since then. It looks clear from the side then golden from the top. My only regret is not getting a pink one as well.

    Rose GM alert

    ARGH Forgot to mention! The ROSE GM inclusion bracelet is available at the LV Wynn for anyone who is interested!
  2. Congrats - great purchases!
  3. WOW! Great pics and pretty purchases! :yes: Sounds like you had fun. I love Vegas.
    Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  4. I love your ring and pochette! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your trip experience. :biggrin:
  5. Your bubble ring is so cute!! Congrat's on your new purchases.
  6. WOW! That loot is so YOU! You look FABU-LOUS!Congrats!
  7. Everything is beautiful!
    What a wonderful trip!
  8. Smashing...:yes:
  9. Love your pochette, bracelet, and bubble ring. What an adventure, glad you had fun.
  10. Love everything!!! Sounds like you had a grand time!!!
  11. Congrats! Lovely choices :yes:
  12. congrats on your beautiful new purchases, mew!
  13. Thanks for the pictures! I just love your bubble ring, looks like you guys had fun in Las Vegas. :smile:
  14. Awesome loot! I'm so happy you were able to take pictures.
  15. cute stuff! so that is a ring! i thought so! i was looking at in the lvs i went to in vegas too. but i thought it might be uncomfy so i didn't try it on.