The largest Chanel bag?

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  1. Hi all, I'm a newbie when it comes to designer bags (I own 3 Balenciagas but that's the extent of my bag pool) :shame:. I've always loved Chanel's quilted designs (actually, I'd try anything Chanel as long as its big enough!) but have never ventured into any research about getting one, mostly since I'm not a small-bag person. I wanted to ask you Chanel adorees whether there is a Chanel bag big enough for my needs - probably the bigger the better since it's harder for me to take things out rather than finding more things to put in. :shame:

    I'm a pretty short lass - around 5'4 - but I'm not petite-small, so most big bags don't overwhelm me that much (at least I hope not!) I'd love to hear of your suggestions!

    xxx -
  2. Hey, Have you looked into the Chanel totes? Also there are large and jumbo flap bags.
  3. I agree with Melisande. Check out the jumbo flap bags ... gorgeous. The totes are great for everyday wear.
  4. I have a large Black Chanel caviar tote I'm selling. I fits me well and I'm only 5'2". I have pictures of it in the marketplace. Not quilted though. Good luck.
  5. There are some enormous Chanel totes out there. I own an epic-sized suede tote that I never use because it's really half as tall as my body. Great bag for toting files to work or school and what not.
  6. There's an overnight cambon bag, probably too big to tote around all the time, but that's the biggest one I can think of, just so that option is open !
  7. Getting a caviar leather tote would be an investment that will last a lifetime and you will LOVE!