The largest Chanel bag?

Mar 17, 2006
Hi all, I'm a newbie when it comes to designer bags (I own 3 Balenciagas but that's the extent of my bag pool) :shame:. I've always loved Chanel's quilted designs (actually, I'd try anything Chanel as long as its big enough!) but have never ventured into any research about getting one, mostly since I'm not a small-bag person. I wanted to ask you Chanel adorees whether there is a Chanel bag big enough for my needs - probably the bigger the better since it's harder for me to take things out rather than finding more things to put in. :shame:

I'm a pretty short lass - around 5'4 - but I'm not petite-small, so most big bags don't overwhelm me that much (at least I hope not!) I'd love to hear of your suggestions!

xxx -


Jan 29, 2006
There are some enormous Chanel totes out there. I own an epic-sized suede tote that I never use because it's really half as tall as my body. Great bag for toting files to work or school and what not.