The Large Spy...still around?

  1. Has anyone seen the large spys anywhere. I'm seeing a lot of mediums ans baby spys. I'll be getting one when I finish saving up in a couple of months, but it seems that the mediums only fit nicely on the shoulder if you're on the skinny side.
  2. I believe they stopped making the Large size. If you're lucky, you can spot one on eBay.
  3. dee-dee have you seen the large IRL? They are massive. More a weekend/hand luggage bag than a purse:smile: they were discontinued a long time ago.
  4. Here is the large, I believe. I haven't seen ANY large sizes to compare mine to, at all....even on eBay. I think the medium is a great size for the average person, but I LOVE big bags, so this bag is the perfect size in my eyes!
    (6) Fendi Lambskin Spy, Large - 2375.JPG
  5. I've seen two on eBay recently within the past couple of days listed by the same person.