The Large Satchel

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  1. Which I think would be more appropriately named the large elise. It doesn't seem like it was too popular but I LOVE IT. If I could find one in black I'd get rid of my elise, since they're pretty much identical except for the size, and that the lrg satchel has 2 pockets. I really love my elise but its pretty small and I'm a big bag kind of girl. Has anyone seen the large satchel anywhere? And I think only baglover could answer my next question: Did it come with silver h/w or strictly golden ?
  2. Large Satchel is completely sold out at MJ boutiques.

    SOFT CALF CLASSIC Large Satchel (Resort 05)
    17 x 7.5 x 9.75"
    Colors: Black, White, Orange

    SOFT CALF CLASSIC Large Satchel (Spring 06)
    17 x 7.5 x 9.75"
    Colors: Black, Linen, Nutmeg
  3. Spring 06's Large Satchel has gold hardware, certain Resort 05 Soft Calf colors came in gold and/or silver hardware.
  4. :crybaby:
  5. ^ ugh ... I know the feeling and feel your pain...maybe you can find one online or ebay!!??? :heart: Emmy
  6. I got my bag back in September in black with white stitiching and silver hardware. It is a great bag, especially if you need the room. Check with NM stores. They may be able to help you. Good luck:smile: .
  7. I check ebay almost every day. Havn't seen one yet. Hopefully I will sooner or later!
  8. What about the Marina in black? Is it larger than the elise?
  9. ELISE: 12.5W x 5D x 8H"
    LARGE SATCHEL: 17W x 7.5D x 9.75H"
    MARINA: 17W x 8.5D x 12H"
    SMALL MARINA: 14W x 4D x 9H"
    FRAME SATCHEL (from same group with Marina):
  10. are they sold out?
  11. pic? pic? of large satchel? i dont think i have ever seen it.