The Lap-Band procedure

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  1. My SO and I went to a seminar about it a while back, but we werent financially stable enough for him to have it done. Now that we are, we are looking into it again. It seems like its a really awesome alternative to Gastric Bypass. I know a few of you have had Gastric, but I wanted to know if anyone has had Lap-Band? If you are not comfortable talking about it on here, please dont hesitate to PM me!

  2. I would discourage any surgical procedure to lose weight unless it's absolutely necessary. Of course, the lap band is a bit safer...still. Has he altered his diet and been exercising?
  3. Yes, hes done all of those things-pretty much all of his life.

    He has been going to a nutritionist for the past 2 years, he has been dieting for 2 years and we both exercise 5 times a week. He has lost a total of 60 lbs, but even the doctor said-its just not coming off like it should:shrugs:
  4. I have a very close friend that did this about 5 years ago. It is not as complicated as gastric bypass. Plus it is reversible. It is several incisions instead of cutting into you. The procedure is relatively quick compared to gastric bypass. It takes under an hour. Also for some reason at the time of the surgery, the doctor asked if they wanted their galbladder removed. I don't know why but thought it was strange.

    Down the line (3 years later) they had problems with band slippage from their stomache becoming so small and the option of having it removed. They also kept working out constantly so they wouldn't have sagging skin. Now they are scared to get it removed still. It really is a mindset. I also know people that have had gastric bypass and have had major health problems with not getting proper nutrition.

    What your SO should do is join some weight loss forums and get an idea of what those people go through. They have special ones for lapband patients.
  5. Thanks Hubba! I didnt even think about the weight loss forums!
  6. Be very careful with these kinds of surgeries. I have a really close friend who had this done a few years ago. She thought she was going to get the gastric bypass done, but the doctor did gastric bypass AND the lap band. This doctor is no where to be found now. Now my friend needs to get the lap band removed but must wait for her insurance to kick in. In the mean time, she can barely eat anything. She lost so much weight that she is wasting away. She is anemic and has so many problems. She is essentially starving to death. She just cant eat. I pray she gets this surgery to fix it before she dies.

    Also, my MIL has a friend who just recently passed away. I'm not sure which procedure she had. It was one of these. She died from malnutrition.

    I would suggest not getting the surgery unless it is his last resort.
  7. I know two people who have had surgery but I am not sure what they had done. One is a guy (in his 50's). He lost a lot of weight and his skin is just sagging and he looks very unhealthy. He has had a lot of health related issues but I think it may be do to drinking more than surgery.......????
    Another is a woman in ther 40's. She had surgery and when I saw her a year later I did not know it was her. She literally looks like she went from a size 22+ to a size 2 or 4. I almost think she is too skinny but she seems to look healthy and I know takes very good care of herself. So for some people it works but I do think there are so many risks involved and alot of them happen after the surgery. If one is on a diet and exercising the weight should come off and if the person is writing everything they eat and showing the nutritionsit you need to be telling the truth. I don't think there is a quick fix......I can recommend Dr. Oz's book YOU on a is a very interesting book showing you that you are in charge and need to be the one making the healthy decisions. Maybe weight watchers where one HAS to go to a meeting might give some moral support.
  8. Were these procedures (^^you two above mention^^) the Lap-Band? There are much different risks involved in the other weight loss surgeries than the Lap-Band. Its much less invasive, and does not cut any of your stomach, and is also reversible if the need arises.
  9. I've done a lot of research on the lap-band procedure. And I'm planning on getting it done sometime in the next 2 years. I'm dieting and exercising, but I can't loose effectively, which is a problem that runs in my family.

    I plan on getting it done when I can get on my husband's insurance, mine won't cover it. I have medical and mental reasons to get it done. I'm going to get it done at one of the largest hospitals in country that does it, the 2 docs that invented it work there, and I'm lucky, we live in the same state!!!

    It is def. a lot better than the gastric, IMHO, and I've weighed the pros and cons and feel that the pros out weigh the cons.

    Have you looked around or called your local hospital or health department. I know the docs from the hospital I was talking about make regular trips around our state giving talks about the procedure. Perhaps you could catch a discussion like that in your area. They come and talk about it and answer questions, free of charge and you can arange to make your first appointment with them there if you'd like.
  10. Has he tried to see an endocrinologist? maybe its a thyroid problem that can be fixed with medication. It seems hes doing everything else right. It would be unfortunate if he went through a surgery like that and still didnt see results:s
  11. With the nutritionist, he had to go through all of those sorts of tests before he could start the program. Everything is fine, he just does lose like a "normal" person would.
  12. My cousin has a lap band. She has lost quite a lot of weight, I would say 80+ pounds, but I'm not sure of an exact amount. The only problem she has with it is that it makes it very difficult to eat some things. Depending on the texture of the food, it can be hard to chew it into small enough bits, and she ends up vomiting the food back up. I think she can basically only get fish and cooked veggies to stay down. She's had this lap band for like, 5 years, and that is the only complaint I have heard.
  13. I know a girl who went to MEXICO to have this surgery performed so it was a lot cheaper...I know...soooo dumb!!!!!!

    She has lost a lot of weight, but I am sure there is a lot of sagging skin...which is definitely a downside
  14. i have a good friend of mine whose father had it done, and i haven't heard any complaints about complications from him. it sounds like he's doing everything else right, so if he's in good health otherwise, this might be a good thing for him. from everything i know about it, it's certainly a lot less traumatic, health-wise, than a gastric bypass.
  15. Thanks everyone! We both appreciate it ;)