The Landscapers are Here!

  1. :yahoo:

    Finally after weeks of looking at my horrid yard after today it will be beautiful and ready to enjoy.

    Let me give you all a little background...

    DH and I bought our first home in January, it was cold so we couldnt tell what kind of condition the yard would be in. Well when spring came we realized we had nothing but weeds, weeds and more weeds! And a few half dead shrubs. So we got to work pulling weeds and instead of plating grass seeds we did a bunch of mulch with a circle flower bed in the middle. This was going ok for a little bit and then the neighborhood cats started relieving themselves in the mulch :wtf: it was so gross and stinky! :throwup: So after tiring of scooping poop when we have no pets hubby and I scrapped up all the mulch and the weeds and cats destroyed my flowers :cursing:

    DH wanted to go it again, but I told him he was straining his back way too much digging all that mess. So we finally broke down and hired a landscaper. We are putting down rocks this time. The LS said cats like smell and mulch has a strong smell which is what was attracting them *sigh* The cats have been a big problem. This is my front yard that is being landscaped which made it ever worse. The cats like to hang out in my back yard on my patio table :wtf:. The lady next door feeds them so they practically live in her yard its about 10 cats! I like cats but its ridiculous. I saw one litter of kittens in April another in June and one cat looks preg now. I called animal control but the cats are still hear :cursing: If she wants to have cats fine but she needs to get rid of the kittens.

    Anyway i'm so happy that my front yard will no longer look like a tornado hit it :yahoo:

    Do any of you have any ideas of what keeps cats away?
  2. I think you will be very happy with the rocks. We had them in our one house, the owners before us did it. They had rocks and stepping stones and then small gardens all over surrounded by that pretty stone edge. It was so easy to take care of. Just remeber to spray for weeds with something like round up before they start to grow tall, even with rocks you will get some weeds. I am sorry to hear about the cats, I think if you go online and type in cat repellent you might find some products, I remember looking in some garden catalogs and they do have things to keep the animals out of your yard, plants. We have a beautiful yard here, my husband planted peach, apple and pear trees. I have 2 fences of grapes (YUM)....The raspberries are taking over another fence, also add blueberries and blackberries and the regular summer vegetables. Then I have the whole back with strawberry plants.
    So I get great fruits and vegetables.....all organic, no chemicals at all. For all this work we get chipmunks and squirrels, usually trying to climb out of the built in pool. We put food out for the rabbits and bird baths for the birds. I don't mind the animals we get here but if we started to get cat and cat poop I would be angry, that happened in our one house where I had a sandbox for my kids so I had to buy a covered sandbox. I also put up these metal animal forms in the garden with glowing marble eyes, which were supposed to scare the animal out of your garden at night (bought from the garden section of the hardware store). I know people who had tinfoil bowls on wire hanging in their gardens to keep animals out, but I don't know if that will work with cats because it might be a play toy to them.
    I had ducks in my one yard--pooping all over and swimming in the pool, I would hose them with cold water and they still came back but I know cats hate water so maybe hose them each time they are in you yard..... Good luck. Can you borrow a friends dog to hang out in your yard???? That may scare the cats away for good.
  3. Gilliana~ Thanks for the info. your yard sounds beautiful :love:

    I bought some repellent from Lowe's and it seemed to work only a few days then when the cats came back they had loose stools :yucky: I think it made them sick.
    We may be getting a dog, can't get more cat proof than that, LOL!

    Oh i'm also trying moth balls I heard they hate the smell of that.
  4. i would tell her that the next time one comes in your yard you are calling the police, ha and follow thru with it

  5. I have gotten this angry, but couldn't bring myself to do it. She's seems very nice and always greets us when she's out. So far so good, its been an entire day and I haven't seen the cats in my front yard. There was one in the backyard this morning so I guess moth balls dont work that well *sigh*
  6. I am in the UK and their is a device which runs on batteries its very small and it gives of this high pitched sound, which we cannot hear but animals can, a beam comes from the box and when something crosses the path of the beam the sound goes of and frightens the cats, foxes what ever away. It does work I used it to keep cats away when I had a Dove cot down the end of my garden. C J Wildbird Foods does it and they send worldwide. Hope this helps.
  7. You should do several things:
    1. Call the local SPCA and tell them about all these cats. The cats must be caught and spayed and then adopted out or it's going to get much much worse. This lady probably loves them and is feeding them to make sure they have food, but it will only bring more cats.
    2. Cats hate need to buy one of those super soaker water guns and when one is in the yard, you have to soak it with will not come back.

    Before I get flamed as a cat hater...I LOVE cats, I have two of them and would get more if my allergies wouldn't kill me. But my little darlings are in the house and not pooping all over the neighbors yards... good luck!
  8. Yesterday my dad came over and when DH and I greeted him at the door he said "guess what? there's a load in your flower bed" So I put moth balls in the flower bed and the next day, more poop! I told DH I think we should just add stones to the flower bed as well and when i'm ready for flowers I can place them in pots on top the rocks.

    The SPCA may be helpful since animal control has not been. I think I will give them a call tomorrow.
    Thanks all!
  9. In our area there is a society that traps ferel cats, spays them, and returns them. That way, no kittens.