The Landmark Bag

  1. The lankmark store in hong kong is opening soon ... I am thinking if I should get this.. !!
  2. Wow, what a great doctor`s bag. I already liked the other HKG special edition bag, the one in dark grey with handles and shoulder strap!
  3. That is one beautiful bag! :love:
  4. love the colour!
  5. That is a beautiful bag. Is it camel or blonde?
  6. Wow that is a gorgeous bag! I'm so jealous and wish it's available in the US. I was just lamenting about the lack of BV structured bags. Please get it and post lots of photos! :drool:

    C_24 do you have a photo of the HK dark grey bag? I'd love to see it!
  7. so pretty. they had a limited edition HK bag that I saw in the magazine this spring and it was really nice.

    i need to go home for a visit :smile:
  8. Nice one! Very classy!

    I'll be in HongKong next month (for some retail therapy), and I'll have to make sure I drop by the Landmark.

    Thanks for sharing Shopalicious.:smile: I think you should get it and definitely post lotsa pictures!
  9. Yea I missed out on the Hong Kong bag.. but heres a pic of it.. I am still thinking cos I really like the sloutchyness of BV .. and this is kind of a little too structured for me ..
  10. ^ Guess what?! There's still one in the local BV shop here (I'm in Manila right now). It's in NOCE and I am not sure how much different the pricing is compared to HongKong.

    I just rang my SA and he said that it is Php 319,750 = (USD 7,083) or (HKD 55,142). :smile:
  11. I saw one on eBay recently, but don`t anymore, maybe the auction has already ended.

    But even there it was 3k-ish USD!
  12. :nuts: Gorgeous bags! But soooo expensive! :push:
  13. WOW! :nuts:
    The Landmark bag is gorgeous!! Do you have the size? And is that nappa or nappa umbria?

    If you ask me, TOTALLY go for it!!! One of the loveliest BV bags I've seen!! :heart:
  14. I think the colour in the OP is Camel. Beautiful doctor's bag. Would look totally fab with a dark pant suit.
  15. I love this bag, in both the colours! Anyone has the measurement? It does look big.