The Lancet Retracts Study Tying Vaccine to Autism

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  1. I thought you ladies might be interested to read this article that appeared in the WSJ via the AP:

    • FEBRUARY 2, 2010, 12:20 P.M. ET
    Lancet Retracts Study Tying Vaccine to Autism

    Associated Press

    LONDON–A major British medical journal on Tuesday retracted a flawed study linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism and bowel disease.
    The retraction by The Lancet comes a day after a competing medical journal, BMJ, issued an embargoed commentary calling for The Lancet to formally retract the study. The commentary was to have been published on Wednesday.
    The BMJ commentary said once the study by British surgeon and medical researcher Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues appeared in 1998 in The Lancet, "the arguments were considered by many to be proven and the ghastly social drama of the demon vaccine took on a life of its own."
    Since the controversial paper was published, British parents abandoned the vaccine in droves, leading to a resurgence of measles. Subsequent studies have found no proof that the vaccine is connected to autism, though some parents are still wary of the shot. In Britain, vaccination rates for measles have never recovered and there are outbreaks of the disease every year.
    Ten of Mr. Wakefield's 13 co-authors renounced the study's conclusions several years ago and The Lancet has previously said it should never have published the research. "We fully retract this paper from the published record," Lancet editors said in a statement Tuesday.
    Last week, Britain's General Medical Council ruled that Mr. Wakefield had shown a "callous disregard" for the children used in his study and acted unethically. Mr. Wakefield and the two colleagues who haven't renounced the study face being stripped of their right to practice medicine in Britain.
    For the study, Mr. Wakefield took blood samples from children at his son's birthday party, paying them £5 each (about $8) for their contributions and later joking about the incident.
  2. I hope this gets a lot of press. This study was de-bunked years ago, yet the drama and mystique have survived and dangerously permeate many parents decisions to not vaccinate.
  3. Interesting they actually retracted it. Cool post.
  4. ITA. thanks for posting litigatrix.
  5. I don't care what any article or doctor says. My sons behavior significantly changed right after his first MMR and I have read many more testimonials that had much worse effects than my sons. I don't believe it is necessarily the shot but the preservatives in the shots. My kids will be getting all of their shots but on MY timeline, not the doctors. I can't believe they give up to 4 and 5 vaccines at the same time. Little bodies are not prepared for that. They need to Green our Vaccines!!

    Please noone or OP take offense to this, it is not directed at you :smile:
    I just have very strong opinions on this.
  6. Hi, Out of curiousity, how did your son's behavior change after the MMR shot? At what age did he get his first one?
  7. I'm with you on this one....100% . My children get their shots but I space them out. Only 2 at a time.
  8. Thanks for sharing:smile:
  9. I saw this on the news this morning, so glad you posted it!
  10. ditto
    I am spacing them out also
    they wanted to give Hep B at birth to a newborn...uh what is the risk of a newborn hanging out with intravenous drug users and having unprotected sex to contract this?
    Hep B can wait...administration at birth is ridiculous unless there is a reason
  11. You had the baby!? Did I miss a thread?!
    *runs off to see*

  12. Hi Swanky! Thanks! I am so excited! I posted in the Jan 2010 expectant moms thread in the Pregnancy section...
  13. It was somewhere after 12 months, and I thought they weren't supposed to have it until 15 months. Anyway, he became extremely hyperactive and has digestive and bowel issues as well. He is almost 4 now and we believe he has some form of ADHD but he is too young too be diagnosed. The behavior changed within 3 days. Some think ADHD can be linked to vaccines as well. I am thankful though because we were fortunate. I feel so sorry for the mothers who got their kids vacccinated early with MMR and within 48 hours to two weeks a once vibrant, communicative child stopped talking and interacting with their parents. I think it is strange how doctors don't see the correlation between the increase in vaccinations and the increase in autism and other behavioral issues. I think the way diets have changed over the past 60 years has something to do with it too. We have way too many chemicals and preservatives in our food as well.
  14. ^^^^
    Thanks for sharing that. My son received his first MMR at 15 months. He does have some gastrointestinal issues but they stem back to when he was was 2 months old diagnosed with anal stenosis. He doesn't have it anymore, but still gets gassy. I didn't see any dramatic change after the shot, just the same active behavior he always had!
  15. I think a lot of people can see a link between the 2 maybe, just are not seeing anything proven. I hope there's more research to find out exactly what is causing this as vaccinations don't seem to be definitive enough.