The Lagoon clutch

  1. i really want to have a clutch for going out at night. whenever i go out clubbing i always use my baby papillion and get tons of compliment for it (i love her to bits :tender: :tender: :tender: )

    but right now i'm thinking of getting another clutch because i do not want to ruin the leather especially with smoke fuelled bars and clubs.

    so who has the lagoon and how much can u hold in it?

    post pics if possible...many thansk in advance.

    also lagoon vs florentine ..... which one would u choose?
  2. Lagoon is cute..I love the koala closure..

    I think you have to buy the belt strap for Florentine..

    May be you should also consider pochette tikal..
  3. I love the lagoon as well. Get it!
  4. I love the lagoon, it's adorable !

    However, it does have some vachetta on it. Have you ever considered getting the replacement mini pochette in damier that belongs to the marais ? (damier bucket) Someone posted that this piece was 150$ from the stores, in US. And nothing to worry about ! :yes:
  5. The Lagoon clutch is very cute. I prefer that over the Florentine
  6. I hope i did not get it wrong but is this the lagoon u re referring to? :shame: If I am wrong.. just pretend u did not see this post! :P lol. Anway, hope these pics are of some help.



    And the things that went inside include coin cles, card holder and Nokia mobile. =)

  7. Lagoon is hot, but I thought you were worried about the leather?! What about a mini pochette accessoires in damier?!
  8. Very small, I use mine as a sunglass case.
  9. hey that looks better than the Malibu Street!!! Maybe I should do an exchange??? Here's what mine looks on me...

    Do you think a clutch would look better or just stick with the Malibu??

    but to return to the original question.. the Lagoon is HOT!! I think it'll look FANTASTIC as a clutch!!

  10. WOW! nice stuff......

    PS: my cousin has the same phone as you! I think...Nokia 8800???....cost her a fortune (10 000RMB ~ 1250US!!!) d* phone's still 300$ less.....*competition*
  11. I think the lagoon is super cute.
  12. Absolutely fantastic!
  13. 0o0o0o thats cute!!! i like the perle!
  14. omg Happie Berrie ur vernis lagoon looks so nice......

    many thanks for the pics too.

    i really like the fact that the strap is removeable plus u can get it at LV if u ever want to replace it.

  15. I think the Malibu holds more things? I bought the Lagoon way before the Malibu came out! I might have acutally thought twice if i saw the Malibu at the same time.. hehe I think u look really good with the Malibu!!

    The little lagoon is good for formal dinners where u dont need to bring much and u dun want to take attention away from the dress.. :yes:

    But I have not actually used my Lagoon for anything else except formal dinners. I am more a big bag person in the day.:P
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