The lady who waxed my eybrows burned me!

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  1. I went to get my eyebrow waxed in the beginning of the week. It was my very first, so I did not know what to expect. The lady who was doing my eyebrows was super nice. When she was waxing my right eye, I think she really burned me because I felt a heavy stinging sensation, but I did not think much of it since the stinging calmed down after the initial ten seconds. After the waxing was over, the area around my eyebrows was red as expected and the lady told me that the redness would go away after 24 hours. So, it has been several days now and while the redness is definitely gone, I see a heavy color discoloration underneath my right eyebrow where the wax burning occurred--a piece of my skin is darker than the rest! Do you girls know whether it is just a burn and will it go away in time and assume the same color as the rest of my skin? I am really stressed out about this!
  2. Oh God, I wish I could help! But I've never really waxed my brows. I'd say to go back to the wax lady and ask her directly. If it really is burnt (and it sounds to me like it is), she should take responsibility and know what to do next. Good luck! Looking forward to more responses.
  3. Were you using anything with retin a in it or glycolic , or maybe something to make your skin sensitive? Even acne medication will make you sensitive. Anything that you need to put a sunscreen on to go outside is not good before waxing.

    I literally had my skin torn off from being sensitive after I got a glycolic peel once. I should of got the wax done first then the facial. Now I am super careful and make sure if I do get a peel or use anything that makes my skin sensitive to stop at least a week before I get waxed. I can only suggest put neosporin or tee tree oil on it so it won't scar.
  4. A long time ago, I got my eyebrows waxed (for the last time). The lady tore off the skin underneath both my eyebrows, and yes, the next day, there was discoloration, as in the skin was a little darker than the rest of the skin on my face. Does the discoloration hurt? If I left mine alone, I usually didn't know it was there -- and the discolored skin does go away (it peels off slowly), revealing new skin underneath, so don't worry. Some parts might take longer than others, but mine did go away. If you're really concerned, definitely go and see a dermatologist to see if they can give you anything, or just to guarantee that there won't be any scarring. The lady who waxed my eyebrows rushed and ran off after doing mine (she didn't clean up the area very well, either), and I had to go back to a different lady who was there after my friends saw my eyebrows and freaked out. I was given Vitamin A and was told to dab it on there and constantly keep it moist so that it'll heal up faster.

    Keep us updated on how it turns out!
  5. i haven't waxed my brow in years, because the last time the lady tore off my skin. never again.
  6. I would definitely go back to where you got your eyebrows waxed and show them what happened. They will know if the wax was too hot or if it's irritation and what you should do next. They should also refund you your money or if it was done at a spa, give you a discount on another service to try to rectify the situation.
  7. ^^ agreed.

    I have had my eyebrows waxed for a couple of years, and there were times when I got that one lady who doesnt even know what she is doing. This one woman use to catch an atitude when I told her that I wanted it a certain way. like she would suck her teeth if I wanted more arches, wtf? my last straw was when she "waxed" my left eyebrow, i went home and realized it looked the same when i had first came in. Well i went back to her, pissed as hell and told her what happened (i was nice about it) and she liked rolled her eyes and tried to do it again. the finishing was pretty mediocre and i vowed never to see her again. I havent had her do my eyebrows since, although she assumed that I would be her regular client...because she looked insulted when I asked for someone else. but screw it. its my hair!

    back to topic

    I recommend you to go back to that spa and show them what happened. Generally you have to be licensed to do waxing, so I'm pretty sure she can help you with your problem.

    If you are uncomfortable to keep waxing your eyebrows, you can pick them out with a tweenzers, shave them off with a eyebrow razor or even get them "threaded"
  8. 1 word for you in the future - threading. No burns - guaranteed.

    I'm so sorry that happened to you :sad:. The main reason why I turned to threading was because I got burned too. I called my dermatologist and she told me to get some Emu oil (yes, the bird Emu), use it on the spot morning and night. The burn happened on a Friday, by Tuesday I was all cleared up. The burn did turn into a scab, but it quickly went away and I don't have a scar.

    Also, what some people need to be aware of is that if you go to a nail shop to get waxed, not every nail technician is an esthetician and not versed in waxing. I'd certainly go back to the salon, speak to a manger and request a refund (if you paid).
  9. " Also, what some people need to be aware of is that if you go to a nail shop to get waxed, not every nail technician is an esthetician and not versed in waxing. I'd certainly go back to the salon, speak to a manger and request a refund (if you paid)." - DC-CUTIE


    very true
  10. Thank you to everyone's responses! Your responses really eased my worries about potential scarring in the area. I am planning on going back to the salon where I received my first (and last) eyebrow wax to let them know about the color discoloration around my right eyebrow. Also, I feel like the lady who did my eyebrow should have told me she burned me in the process and it was really irresponsible of her (because I am certain she knew as she rubbed some kind of oil around the area afterwards) to not tell me that piece of information. I will be certain to keep you girls updated :smile:.

    I will definitely speak to the manager of the salon and demand a refund or some kind of compensation.