The lady in pink has arrived!

  1. Today has been a snakey day. First I finally got to carry my Jungle Python Mahala (yay! :woohoo:) But the icing on he cake was the arrival of the Fuchsia Watersnake Authentic S/S 05 Ross. It came 2nd day air as I requested, with at least 3 rolls of tape around the box. Even with sharp objects it took me five minutes to "break in." The eBay seller packed it well and enclosed the original Choo boutique receipt with the CC info blacked out. No matter how much you think you will get an authentic bag, you can never guarantee what will happen.

    Well, the Ross is a beauty in pristine condition. I took a picture indoors under incandescent lighting. She is next to some beautiful flowers I received (:heart: thank you!) after our beloved Betsy (my avatar) left for the Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday at 15.5YO.
  2. it's soo pretty!
  3. Ohhhhh. That bag is hot, Jburgh. I want it...
    Don't make me start crying...every time I think of your puppy I get teary eyed. I swear I like dogs more than most people I know. I am thinking of taking in some strays for the local SPCA until they can find homes for them. The only problem, I won't want to let them go.:crybaby:
  4. WOW - I can I say WOW! - Congrats on another stunning Choo!
  5. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Gorgeous flowers (I mean bag ;) ) Jburgh

    I am so happy it arrived safely and also you were able to get your Sneaky Snake bag out:yahoo:

  6. It is even prettier in almost real life! An amazing color....I'm so glad someone here got it and that you love it as much as you do! :yahoo: the same token, I have to say that I'm VERY happy for JMcadon for her STEAL of a deal on the burgundy Ring that she got today on eBay! I love to see when PF members get great deals on authentic bags! :woohoo:
  7. Jburgh, the bag is gorgeous, good buy. So sorry to hear about your dog. Although I sometimes swear at our very stubborn westie, especially when he eats poo, the day he passes away will be a very sad one:crybaby:.
  8. Ooooh it's gorgeous!
  9. Great bag!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!:drool::drool::drool:

    Sorry to hear about your dog.
  10. Wow!

  11. Oooo Jburgh utterly gorgeous.
  12. Wow great addition to your collection.
  14. That is the most AMAZING color! Truly fabulous.:nuts:
  15. I'm totally at a loss for words. Just gorgeous!