The Lady Dior (pictures only)


Always hunting for the next bag
Feb 28, 2016
pink goatskin from last year with the rainbow strap


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Jul 11, 2014
I have a chanel mini and it fits everything I need, I did a little test and actually the chanel mini and mini lady dior fits almost the same amount.
I tried to put a lot more than I normally carry in the bag to test how much it could fit, I only carry half of the items on a daily basis. you will be surprised. but I wouldn't recommend putting so many stuff in the bag cause it will be challenging to find stuff in the bag.
I put the same amount of stuff in my celine box, actually I feel it would only hold just a little more, even thought celine box is much bigger and weights much heavier.
would love to see your minis!

451567973254_.pic.jpg 491567973789_.pic.jpg 481567973768_.pic.jpg 431567973237_.pic.jpg 461567973288_.pic.jpg 441567973249_.pic.jpg 471567973556_.pic.jpg 401567972884_.pic.jpg 411567973087_.pic.jpg 421567973104_.pic.jpg
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